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January 29 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku, the Next Wonder Woman? Parade Magazine interviews Eliza about Dollhouse and rumors about her being the next big-screen Wonder Woman.

So for me it would depend on the script.

I think you know someone who wrote a WW script you may like...
OMFG ! Return of the Daughter of the Husband of Wonder Woman Casting Speculation Thread !

To paraphrase Shawshank Redemption, "Wonder Woman casting speculation is a good thing, maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies". Truly, it is risen ;).
Wait, are there rumors? Or is Parade starting a rumor?
There hasn't been any mention in ages and ages. But now thanks to Parade there is.
Have we gone a month in the last couple years without mentioning Priyanka Chopra? Can't let this month be remiss. Priyanka Chopra.
I still say Alan Tudyk is the secret contender in this. He would be great flying the invisible jet.
WAUGH! Beaten to the Priyanka Chopra!
Well if Eliza was in Buffy/Angel and she's now in Joss' new show, the only logical answer is that she's probably the new Wonder Woman. Wasn't Joss also associated with the original X-men movie??? I guess that means David Boreanaz is the new Wolverine...if he likes the script.

Edited to add: Doesn't she look great in that smiling picture??? We need more SMILING Eliza!!! Hear me Fox???

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Also, the Palin question now ranks in my personal top five stupidest questions ever asked.
Yeah. That was really dumb. What would posses a person to ask that question?
I get the obligatory "Wonder Woman isn't Indian".

I'll watch Eliza read a phonebook, so I'm okay with this. She's as good as any idea anybody ever came up with at the time -- and, no offense to the lady, I'd have preferred Eliza to Cobie Smulders (was Joss serious? Not in a "ugh, you can't be serious" way, I mean, she'd have been fine -- but I wasn't clear if he was just having fun with the "sorry Cobie" or not).
I love freakin' love Walter Scott's cheesy-ish Parade magazine in the same way that I love Huell Howser.

But I also like what Family Guy's Stewie said about it in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story:

STEWIE: All right, that's it! I could handle the crappy apartment and the pedestrian job, but now you're telling me I'm a 35-year-old Parade magazine reading virgin?! Well, you, sir, are pathetic! So forget about sending me back, because I'm not leaving until we do a complete overhaul on this sad thing you call "our life"!

Stu: Can I still read Parade?

Stewie: No, you cannot still read Parade!
No, you cannot still read Parade!

I know Stewie said that, and his taste is fairly reliable, but he seemed a little harsh with his future self when he said that, to me. What else is likely to survive the coming cataclysms but Parade and cockroaches?
What else is likely to survive the coming cataclysms but Parade and cockroaches?

She has the crazy eyes, just like Morena Baccarin in HIMYM!
That being said I hope she keeps the crazy. I hate it when people start acting professionally when they make it big.
Sure, you can go too far like Lindsay Lohan, but a little crazy is always a good thing.

I am glad Eliza is not apologizing for her bow hunting.
Yeah, that Sarah Palin question showed how judgmental the interviewer was.

Speaking of Morena, does anybody think she looks a lot like Priyanka Chopra?

They should use Joss' script, have Morena be Wonder Woman, and Eliza can be her younger sister or another super hero or super villian. Then I can watch it and be in Nerdvana. (Nirvana for nerds)
Slaps the writer upside the head

It is who's, ya idjit! Short for "who is"! Not whose, which is the possessive of someone.


And, seriously? Sarah Palin? Like a woman can't hunt on her own unless she's politically active? Best not tell my mother. Or my aunts. Or...hey...wait a sec. I sat up in my dad's treestand with him once during bow deer season. That must make me Palin's sister-in-arms! massive, headache-inducing eyeroll

What the heck was the ski-lift lady thinking?

And...Eliza as Wonder Woman...egads.
Do you feel a bond with Sarah Palin, who likes to hunt caribou and moose?

I once took out a few ducks at a carnival shooting gallery. Maybe I should consider running for governor.

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