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January 29 2009

Tahmoh joins Joss for the Dollhouse panel at New York Comic Con. There's also an important update about the autograph signings. So do please read if you intend to go.

When I become Queen of the Universe, all of the best panels will be held at Motor City Comic Con instead of stupid New York Comic Con which is 12 hours away and I don't get off work until 4am that Sunday. And then I'll stomp NYC!

Well, I'm going to be there. But I am less happy about a ticketed auto signing, unless I could have bought a ticket.

Now I have a feeling that I won't be able to get near enough. I am working on a press pass, though, so maybe that will get me something. Maybe.
And then I'll stomp NYC!

I'd like to see you try it, missy! Harumpf!!

I wish I could go, but I can't. I'd go just for the panel though and not for an autograph. I've got one and I'd feel odd trying to get one of the tickets and taking the opportunity away from someone that hasn't gotten one yet.

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