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January 29 2009

Amber Benson's debut solo novel "Death's Daughter" available for pre-order at The page gives the official release date as Feb. 24. Amber Benson has written novels before -- but with Christopher Golden -- and written on her own before -- but not novels -- so this is a first. A review of it can be found here.

Now this is an interesting topic, thanks. I like Amber - think she's a smart and creative woman. Since I've not delved into her writing yet, I think I might be buying this down the road (the editorial review tagline is totally cracking me up).

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Good for Amber She's a smart girl and the review definitely sounds it interesting. Gotta be better than Twilight.
Also at Fictionwise. Some of us like ebooks... :)
I can't read the summary without thinking of Susan from Discworld, but I'm sure Amber has her own unique approach to the basic concept.

Agreed on the editorial review, Tonya J. In all-caps, no less.
If you're interested in supporting an independent bookstore, and you'd like a copy of the book autographed by Amber herself, you can order DD via Mysterious Galaxy's website prior to March 7th (which is when Ms. Benson appears at the shop to meet fans and sign books).
Sounds like a fun read, and good to see Amber keeping up with her writing, amidst all her other projects.

I wonder who the model was for the cover?

I was gonna say something about "kindred soul," but...I'd best keep my delusions to myself.

ETA: That other review is only fully accessible if you have an account for that specific blog...umm...thing.

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Hmm, which one ? I could access everything linked to from here and i'm that-specific-blog-umm-thing account free.

I can't read the summary without thinking of Susan from Discworld, but I'm sure Amber has her own unique approach to the basic concept.

If she captures half the wit, wisdom and humanity of Pratchett then i'll be a fan for life but it sounds like "There's an actual Death incarnate, he has a daughter" is about where the similarity starts and ends (Susan only has to take over in the one book, 'Soul Music', where Death, ahem, Takes a Holiday. And besides, technically she's his granddaughter). If Calliope Jones' dad has a horse called Binky though, I smell lawsuit ;).

Sounds interesting, will likely take a look when it's out.
Thanks for heads up, Shiai. I really need to get to some of the author events at that bookstore but don't have a car and it's way up in Clairemont. The bus isn't always an option.
Just preordered mine.
What tagline? I didn't see it.
Saje When I tried to follow the "more" link for the buffyfest blog, I got a "You need an account to read all this" message.

I got the short paragraph on the main page, but that's it.
After the 'Continue Reading ...' bit ShadowQuest ? Huh, weird, like I say I don't have an account and it let me read it. Here it is (mods, I realise this might be overquoting or whatever, dunno how you feel about that so just edit it out if it's over the line):

ETRemove copy/paste and Add: OK, re-read the About page and now I do know how you guys feel about copying and pasting entire articles. Sorry ShadowQuest ;).

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Saje: I list my email in my profile here and I know ShadowQuest's email so if you send it to me either pasted or as an attahcment I can forward it to her.

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