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January 29 2009

"You feel like you're in a big, safe bubble". The LA Times has an interesting article about the underlying concepts and architectural references that influenced the design of the Dollhouse set. ETA: There are also some photos.

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I don't *think* any of the information in the article is a spoiler. There is a description of the attitude of Dr. Saunders' character, but otherwise it sticks to the main idea of what living in the Dollhouse is like for the Actives.
There's no link coming up. It just takes me back to this page. (Is that what it's like living in the Dollhouse?)

ETA that now it works.

ETA that someone should go register, since that's what they mention in the article.

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Huh. I noticed after I previewed that I lost the category I'd chosen. Looks like I lost the URL as well! Minor issue that. Should be fixed now.
After spending all that money, it's hard to believe that Fox would consider tearing it down before they get a sense of where the show is at in terms of ratings.
I love this set so much. I liked seeing some of the less complete pictures of it so I could see how they built it.
If I ever have an extra million laying around I will have to build mtself one of those to live in. :)
See-ductive. Been waiting for a Dollhouse story with an architectural focus. Actually.
That's a pretty damned fine looking set. Fine looking cast too. :)

(Off topic, is anyone having problems getting into Dot Org? I haven't seen any new traffic or posts over there for like two days... just wondering if I'm the last kid in school over there right now.)
Love the photos. It'll be really fun to see it in action.
Great article. I'm getting rather re-psyched for the show... and really glad it's not on opposite "Psych." (Oh, I see what I did there. Lame.)

Also, am I the only one amused by this?

The Imprint Room ... is as ominous as the office of Dr. Saunders, Whedon's favorite spot on set.

/me puts whedoneqsue on to-do list. Still busy acquiring
One thing for sure: watching Dollhouse on my iPod won't give me that same feeling of open space.
That's such a beautiful set. Makes me want to remodel my home to resemble it. But I'm missing the nearly $1M to achieve the effect. The atmosphere does look serene and comforting, though, and the perfect mask for what truly goes on there.

I like the photo of Eliza seen through the hole in the Henry Moore-like sculpture.
Yeah, I like that one too - doubt the sculpture of a humanoid shape with a piece missing landed there purely by accident either. S'metaphorical innit ;).

Nice. Minimalist but with a lot of curves to soften it. If it had windows and slightly fewer sinister operatives of a secret organisation surveilling my every move I could most definitely live there.
Whoah. Yeah. That is a metaphor. Missed that. Huh.
Yeah I didn't catch that either-- very nice. But what do the bridge and the koi represent?
It's even more impressive in person :)

Shooting wraps sometime next week. :(
bobw1o, do you know if they're going to have to take apart the set for someone else to use the filming area? There was some speculation about that here earlier.
I do not know, I'll endeavor to find out, lest Gossi beats me to it.
It's the last question I asked the Dollhouse PR guy, the only one he never answered.
People keep saying that, but I'm sorry, I just don't see it.
It's funny, when I clicked on that picture I thought it was the Dollhouse set and thought "yeah, that doesn't look all that much like the Wolfram and Hart set." Which is to say...that's not, perhaps, the most familiar view of the Wolfram and Hart lobby.

I think the similarity I'm seeing, though, is in part in the "feel"--slickly corporate, but with an emphasis on warm wood-finish rather than cool steel-and-glass; and in part in the space: two level with a connecting staircase from a mezzanine down to a large open area--allowing for a lot of free-flowing ensemble-work and nice depth-focus stuff putting different groups/individuals into the frame without necessarily having them all be part of the same conversation. It's a good space for paranoia, in other words (who's going to enter unexpectedly, and from what direction?).
I don't get the same vibe at all; it just every part of it seems prison-like, I can't avoid feeling that, regardless of the hardwood floors and the water. Not that I'm not as superficial as anyone else on the whole, it's just that part of me isn't. I'm not able to look at this set, I just can't help but see through it, try as I might not to. Of course if I ever see the show I might feel ddiffferently
This set is genuinely wonderful. I'm still amazed by every single picture I've seen from it.
One million dollars. 6 weeks.

And you get that gorgeous thing.



I want to be an Active. :(

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