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January 29 2009

(SPOILER) Angel #21 cover from start to finish. Chris Ryall gives us a look at Gabriel Rodriguez's new cover for Angel: Aftermath #21 in three different stages of development (pencils, inks, and coloring).

Well now we know that the Gwen/Connor betrayal will be dealt with!
So,looks like we'll be seeing the "aftermath" of Connor/Gwen and her betrayal in Angel:Aftermath.
With a new team coming in I had no real expectations for Aftermath. I was going to check it out but with no real enthusiasm. However Brian is leaving After the Fall in a position ripe for compelling story telling. Lets hope the new team can capitalize on the situation.

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Will the new team's material be canon -- per Joss?
My take is that having deemed the IDW title canon at the outset, it's still canon until Joss expressly says it isn't. He's always told us straight out what's *not* canon. Not going to get into an argument about it, though.
Aye the canon debate is on hiatus at the moment. Once the issue actually comes out we'll look at again at the subject. But for now it's a dead topic.
I've been trying to figure out why IDW has been insinuating that Brian Lynch is joining the writing team for Aftermath. I pre-ordered #18 just in case it's canon, but I won't be too interested in that series if Spike isn't in it, especially if it isn't canon.
They haven't been insinuating that at all. They said that Brian gave a list of suggested plot points, not that he was involved in any of the writing or story structure of "Aftermath."
I'm looking forward to the we can finally discuss the big 'C' again!!
If and when the canon issue comes up for discussion, I'd rather we didn't have it overshadowing the actual story in the comic book.
All three of those are quite arresting. The finished one is gorgeous.
Very impressive cover!

Riker- I am not sure what there is to discuss really. Until Whedon comes out and says anything I am sure you wont accept it. So...I guess that's all there is to say.

I think discussing the content of the comic is much more rewarding..but we all have different priorities I suppose.

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I'm impressed that Rodriguez penciled, inked and colored the cover. Beautiful work.

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