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January 30 2009

Alyson Hannigan on Ellen today.

Awesome! Thanks! We'll get to see her little tummy in all it's glory. That is if it isn't a repeat.
She looked great!
Ah! I missed it. :(
Her tummy? Is she pregnant?
Oh's on in a half hour here. Gonna watch!
Do they have it on-line yet?
korkster - just watched it on the tube of you. Ellen kind of bugged me, asking prying questions and ignoring everytime Alyson tried to change the subject... Private life vs. public life people!

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And all the lesbians go "EEEEEEEEEE!"
I saw it on the Ellen show website. She looks wonderful! And I loved how she dodged Ellen's attempts to get more information than Aly was willing to give.
Thank you, witch_kat! Got to watch it, and quite enjoyed seeing Alyson pregnant! She's going to be such an awesome mom! When her child looks back on this day, it'll always be known as the day Mommy fended off Ellen. Ellen wasn't too bad, just playing at what a host does.

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