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January 30 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #23 preview pages. Dark Horse posted two pages for "Predators and Prey".

I love Andrew, and Drew Z Greenberg.
I'm really looking forward to this issue. Buffy and Andrew have an especially hilarious/meaningful interaction.
Ooooh. I like this cover! It looks like the shit is about to hit the fan. What a setup!
Wow. This is an early preview, isn't it? Also, Andrew has a point - they do squabble like siblings...
We need the extra time to ponder the significance of Andrew's Kelly Green Chuck Taylor Converse All Star High Tops.
Andrew is like Buffy's annoying little brother. ;)
And let's not forget his Spice World shirt from the last issue. That was truly inspired.
I'm really looking forward to this issue. First 'cause Andrew and Buffy have a very amusing dynamic (Storyteller!), and second 'cause I'm hoping the Spike-shaped elephant in the room will be addressed. :) (And the Immortal -- that's one guy I'm curious to meet.)
I think we have met the immortal...twilight!
I think we have met the immortal...twilight!
I seriously doubt the Immortal is Twilight.

And only 2 pages? Wow they're getting tight D=
Dark Horse will probably release more pages later on. It is a little early to start showing any possible spoilers. I've been hoping too that this issue will bring up Spike.

I'm really liking the art as far as Willow is concerned. It's nice to see her wearing something other than those old-fashioned-looking dresses. I've been hoping that her recent wardrobe might foreshadow some new character developments.

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That spoilered remark is pretty huge, Sarahi -- where is that from?
King, it's from multiple Slayalive Q&A's.
Well that was an unexpected treat. Very nice indeed.
Sigh. Xander is back to that annoying uniform :( I was so happy he changed his clothes in #21.
I have a feeling I'm really going to like this issue.
Oh, man, I absolutely hate Andrew. Hate him. He sucks the breath out of every scene I ever see him in. This is not one to get for me.
Drew writing Andrew. Yeah, that's all it took to sell me the issue. I honestly cannot wait for this (or 8.22 for that matter).
I'll admit,I'm not looking forward as much to this issue because I find Andrew so grating even in small dosages.With this issue being Andrew centric and him narrating,I'm expecting it to be a slog to get through issue 23.

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I've always liked Andrew...
So... we have a love/hate thing with Andrew? K, good to know. I am rather snowed in at the moment, but a visit to my comic book guy is overdue.
Ooooo something else posted on SA that you can't find anywhere else :eyeroll:
What's up with the SA hate?
Alpha Gamer I warned you about your bashing of SlayAlive before, you obviously ignored that so you're now banned.

Now if we get back to the discussion of #23 that'd be lovely.

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