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January 31 2009

Limited Edition Fruity Oaty Bar poster goes on preorder. Only 1,000 made and autographed by Geoffrey Mandel, the lead designer for Serenity. Ships February 6th. Shiny!

There's a story about the inspiration for the piece and more info about the poster itself on the page. Get one before they sell out!

Preordered in TFAW so long ago. Says it was supposed to come out on Jan 7th but it's still on my pending preorder list.
I like the one with the three little girls better. Never did like this one.

3 years ago at our CSTS screening we had 3 young ladies show up as the FOB girls complete with face paint. They were awesome and spot on.
I would order it, but then every time I would see it that damn song would pop into my head! Just like it is now because I clicked the link. Ahhhhg!

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