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January 30 2009

Georges Jeanty talks about BtVS S8 with Dollar Bin at Charlotte Mini-Con 09. Jeanty mentions Dark Horse's expectations and professes delight that the book seems to be bringing more women into comic book-reading.

No spoilers, just background info. Georges sounds like a nice guy. His bit fades out around 10:30, then he comes back in around 14:00 through 16:15.

I just wanted to post because no one else has, and Georges deserves some love. Nothing new in this interview, but it's good to hear him talk about it. Can't say I liked the interviewers.

Georges' work on Buffy is fantastic. Also, I've been mispronouncing his last name
I appreciate Georges's work more as time goes by. His art is witty and emotionally true.
I enjoyed hearing Georges' voice - and, yes, I've been mispronouncing his last name too. And his first name, in fact (I was giving it the old French version - soft G's, no final s). His BtVS S8 work has been consistently fab, a great pairing with Jo Chen's sublime covers.

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