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January 30 2009

(SPOILER) Nick Runge's covers for Angel Aftermath #18-21. They are finally revealed.

Wow- guess I now know which covers I will be buying:)
I'm officially excited for Aftermath now. Before, I was just looking forward to it as I would any Angel series. Now that it's picking up after these characters are in such a unique and interesting place, I can start getting excited. Plus, these covers are splendid.
Beautiful, beautiful work on all four. I especially love the covers for #19 and #20. I was already excited about Aftermath, but now with the recent release of Rodriguez's covers for #21 and #22, an interior art preview of Dave Ross's work on the series, and now these four covers, my excitement is through the roof.
I assume that's Dez on the cover for issue 20?

As for issue 21,I hope Cordy isn't actually being brought back again in some way.I thought her post mortem appearence in issue 12/13 was a bit much as it was.Add on all the deaths undone in issue 16 and it's becoming too much IMO.It already is for me actually.

But based on both covers for issue 21,I don't think she is.The other cover for issue 21 is Connor and Gwen with a knife through him/them and a glass shattering effect.

This cover is Angel,Darla(it looks like Darla to me),Cordy and Gwen.All important people to Connor.Angel his father,Darla his mother,Cordy his mother figure as a baby and his crush/something in season 4.And Gwen is his girlfriend or ex depending on how the betrayal from ATF is dealt with.I think this Runge cover is symbolizing all the people most important to Connor and combined with the other issue 21 cover, is showing that this issue is Connor centric.I don't think the Runge cover is supposed to be taken literally as Darla and Cordy coming back or appearing.But more a metaphor to show all the people who have shaped Connor the most.

That's my take anyway.

The art looks great.

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That has to be Kate on the #21 cover. It looks just like her.
It's hard to tell because I can only view the thumbnail.But it looks like Darla to me.When we can see the larger version,it should be easier to tell.
I'm pretty sure it's Kate too. Guess she's a lock to have a large-ish role in Aftermath if it is, which is okay by me.

Looks like Kate to me.
I still can't see the larger version.

I guess it could be Kate too on the Runge #21 cover.It's hard to tell in the thumbnail form.

Kate put Connor back on the heroes path again in the First Night story in issue 7 so my theory about the issue 21 covers still works too.

However we know Angel,Kate and Gwen are definitly in Aftermath.If that is Kate on the cover then Cordy would be the odd one out since she's dead where if it's Darla then both Cordy and Darla are passed on and I think it's hopfully unlikely they are making a return appearence.If it's two dead characters then thankfully I don't think either is making a actual return engagment and this cover is a full metaphor where if it's only one dead character(Cordy) among all known Aftermath cast members(Angel,Kate,Gwen) then I do fear that while the cover will still have the metaphor of people who shaped Connor,a return appearence of Cordelia is more likely.And I just can't get onboard with that.I just can't.Not after all the other returns we've gotten.Not after the inteview comments in the back of issue 16.Not after her post mortem appearence in issue 12/13 which IMO severly diluted YW and her death already and I still don't agree with.I just can't get behind another Cordy post death return(I couldn't get behnd the first and a second will just take away from YW even more in my eyes) or anymore dead characters coming back.It's just cheap now IMO.
I definitely 100% think it's Kate. It's a very photorealistic depiction of Elisabeth Rohm's face. I've noticed most of the people who are guessing that it's Darla can't actually see the full size version.
It's hard to tell because I can only view the thumbnail.But it looks like Darla to me.When we can see the larger version,it should be easier to tell.

You can view the larger version by clicking on the thumbnails. Are people not able to view the covers full size?
There's been an issue with many people only being able to view #20 in full-size. No understanding of why.
A lot of people can't view the full sized covers for issues 18,19 and 21.Clicking on them isn't working for a lot of us.The cover for issue 20 is working though.
I don't understand. I just went on the site and clicked on all four thumbnails, and am able to view them. I use a MAC computer. I don't know if that makes a difference versus using a PC.

These are the direct links: let me know if people still cannot view them...
No, I use a PC and I can view all four with no issues.
I still can't view 18,19 and 21 even with the direct links.

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Strange, I don't know why some people, myself included, can view the links, while others cannot. Is there someone with "IT' experience that might know why? Otherwise, I would just say, wait it out, and maybe in a few hours things will be back to normal.
We can see the four covers in full size on
It's indeed Kate on the cover #21. Really nice covers BTW.
At least I know it's not just my computer. I can't see them either.
I've seen the larger version of the covers now over at Buffyforum and yes,I agree now that this is Kate.I stand behind my opinions in my previous posts about hoping the cover is more symbolic as representing people who have shaped Connor,even though it is Kate since she did play a major role in setting him on his course in First Night and ATF, and I'm hoping the Runge cover is not in fact actually hinting at another post death Cordy return

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Yeah, that's definitely Kate. Love the "Angel" symbol behind Angel in #18.

Is it just me, or did Nick Runge's cover style really, really, really change since "After the Fall"? It honestly could be the coloring, but if you compare his cover to Angel #12, #13, #14 to these, it looks so stylistically different.

The vampire hugging on Angel sort of looks like Tank.
Re: #20 - Kate, Cordy, and Gwen are all women who have had some sort of a romantic connection with both both Angel and Connor. I mean Connor asked Kate out 2 minutes after meeting her and then there was the whole thing where Gwen made Angels heart beat again.
I wasn't able to see too clearly who the women were on the covers, so I'll just have to take everyone's word for it who they are. I'm not sure if I'm going to read this series, but I pre-ordered Issue 18 so I guess I'll decide when I get it. Not seeing Spike on the covers gives me hope. He belongs in the Buffy series IMO.
We really need to see what happens in ATF #17 since there is supposed to be a big Angel/Spike talk and setup for Spike's future in the next issue.But I doubt Spike is moving over to Buffy Season 8.I think both Angel and Spike will make a guest appearence before the end of the season(present day guest appearence and not just dream appearences or past versions like in issue 20 of season 8) but IDW still retains the rights to the Angel characters which Spike is a part of.Guest appearences by Angel and Spike or an occasional crossover is one thing but I don't think they'll just let Dark Horse take a character they have the license for and move him to another company.

I think it's more likely that if Spike is not in Angel:Aftermath than he'll be getting his own miniseries post ATF at IDW.Wouldn't surprise me if Illyria is involved either given issue 16 and Wes's request for Spike to look out for Illyria.It could also involve the Mosaic crew.I suppose we'll see.

There is a IDW panel at the New York Comic Con on Friday.There is supposed to be some Angel related announcments.So maybe some news then.
I love the green prison one (#20?). Very pretty.

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