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January 31 2009

Adam Baldwin article in The New York Times. Discusses his career and working on Chuck.

I checked Wal-Mart, Target, local grocery store chain and Best Buy...could not find a 3-D glasses Pepsi/whatever display for Chuck's Monday episode. Anybody find them?
And they didn't even mention The Cape, one of my favorite canceled-before-its-time-or-maybe-it-really-was-its-time shows.

I know people who've gotten them, Anony. I'm checking Meijer's on my way home because they weren't even scheduled to get them until 1/31, hopefully they'll have the displays on the floor already. People say they're near the big superbowl snack areas. One person said it was a Sobe Lifewater [sic] display.
OMG.. I saw full metal jacket twice about 10 years ago and I never connected the dots.. ok, the film scared me to death and left me shocked so maybe that's why I didn't recall it when I saw Adam in Firefly.
I found the glasses in a Ralph's grocery store. The display was a stand-alone in an aisle. I don't think it was even with the drinks, it can be placed anywhere in the store. It's only about waist high, so don't be looking for anything big.

Supposedly both Target and Meijer will have them starting today (Saturday). Check out for a list of all the stores that should be carrying them.

For those who think they have something that matches, the lenses are

left - orange
right - blue with a purple tint
The display, as mentioned above, is short and does not contain any beverages, just 2 stacks of pages of glasses. I followed a lead on another board and found a display at "Dollar General" near the drinks.
Krogers had them in the 3 foot tall display described above near the drink section. I did have to ask customer service to find them though because I walked by them 3 times without seeing them. They were within 20 feet of Pepsi and Sobe products but not right next to them.

Target and Meijers get them today as mentioned above.

You will not have 3d glasses like these. They are a new color combination that is supposedly better.

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My local Safeway had them but they were at the customer service desk. They are easy to miss with all the Superbowl displays around. I would ask someone if you can't find them :-)
I went shopping this morning at Albertson's to pick up the 3-D glasses.

There wasn't a display, but the glasses were at the counter under the newspapers and the cashier would ask each customer how many they needed at checkout. Each insert contains 4 pair of glasses.
Mike, you have a very nice and customer service oriented store there. Good for them.
Nice little article. I loved the line "This guy can do more with a grunt than most actors can with a monologue" and how Adam thought TV Guide calling him a "sexy newcomer" was "a mistake."
Thanks for that article.

“I was horrible”. I don't remember DC Cab at all but have said more than once around here in so many words, that in My Bodyguard, Adam made a huge impact on film viewers; he had even then a masculine sensitivity and reserve that was perfect for that role (not a "sullen bully" but a "sullen loner" for reasons that make huge sense further into the film). So he didn't know how to act - what he did seemed instinctual, natural and not just "keeping still."

Says there are also supposed to be Superbowl ads in 3-D.

Food Lion
A & P
Fresh Brands
Hy Vee
Nash Finch
Winn Dixie
Dollar General
Hess (select stores)
CVS (select geographies)
Meijer (on 1/31)
Target (on 1/31) "

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Reminds me of a critic saying of Zero Mostel that he could do more with a raised eyebrow than most actors could do with a full line of script.

For what it's worth, my wife LOVEs Adam. Me too.

Our favorite line from his characters:

"Yeah, but we won't care."

Whoo-hoo! I got my 3-d glasses at Target. Had to ask a employee and she pointed like a couple feet away and there they were.
It's great to see AB get a bit of attention from the mainstream media. Well deserved.
“...I’m no Leonardo DiCaprio.”
Thank GOD! One of him is more than enough!
“The guy does more with a grunt than most actors could do with a monologue,” said Josh Schwartz, the executive producer of “Chuck.” The extent of Mr. Baldwin’s built-in fan base became apparent to Mr. Schwartz only when the “Chuck” cast appeared at last summer’s Comic-Con International, and “4,000 people went insane whenever Adam said anything.”

I was one of those 4,000 people. :) And he deserved every cheer.

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