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January 31 2009

Eliza Dushku and Olivia Williams hit the talk show circuit. According to the Late Night Lineups, Eliza will be appearing on February 11th on Letterman and the day after that on Conan O'Brien and Regis and Kelley. Olivia visits Craig Ferguson on February 10th.

Here's a summary:

Tu 2/10: Sean "Diddy" Combs, Olivia Williams @ Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)
We 2/11: Joaquin Phoenix, Eliza Dushku, Anthony Hamilton @ Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)
Th 2/12: Alec Baldwin, Eliza Dushku, They Might Be Giants @ Late Night Show with Conan O'Brien (NBC)
Th 2/12: Eliza Dushku @ Live with Regis and Kelley (snydicated)

I still want to see Joss on the Daily Show.

But this is all good news for Dollhouse. Thanks for the alert.
Thanks for info. Figure Eliza may hit a morning show or two as well.
On a side note, thought I saw a Dollhouse ad on a bus shelter near my house.
Went home to get a camera and take a picture (which in itself is kinda sad), but when I got back to the bus shelter...drats.
Wow, Conan has a great line-up on 2/12.
Very happy Eliza will be on one of Conan's last New York shows. I love their chemistry.
I'd rather it was Eliza on Craig's show, 'cause I've got a feeling he might be a closet Buffy fan. (He did, after all, star as Brad opposite Tony in RHPS.)

That, and I can't stand either Letterman or Conan, and can't force myself to watch them, even on mute, long enough for her appearance.

chazman (Nice reflection, by the way. ;-) When that picture was downloading, I at first thought it was some kind of weird bondage shot - it wasn't until I could see more of her that I realized she was wearing strange bracelets, and her hands were stuck through her suspenders.

Very odd ad, that.
The only problem with Olivia on Craig is that they're old friends and he tends to concentrate more on personal stuff than on the plugging unless he's really interested. I hope he's really interested. Plus, the clip (if any) could be either before or after.
Hooray! I'm looking forward to Eliza on Conan (Letterman's a moron and unfunny, though I'll still try and catch it).
Ditto, SteppeMerc.
David Letterman is extremely smart and one of the most spontaneously funny people I've ever seen.

Too bad Eliza's not the number one guest, but good for her, and Dollhouse, that she's going to be on Dave, and the other shows as well.

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