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January 31 2009

(SPOILER) Press Release for Dollhouse 1x02 "The Target". This episode will be the first appearance of Miracle Laurie.

Sounds great. I'm especially looking forward to the flashback scenes. And I'm curious who will play Alpha.
BTW, this press release also definitely confirms Miracle Laurie as Paul's neighbor Mellie. Glad to see her so early in the show.
Yeah, I totally forgot that this could very well be our first Alpha-episode. If so, they left the actor out of the press kit for... surprise reasons? I mean, usually recurring actors get credit in such things, I guess.

ETA: And I think Mark Sheppard's first appearance may be in this episode too.

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Yeah, I also think that the silence around the name of the actor playing Alpha probably means that theyíre deliberately trying to keep it as a surprise. But why? Could it be that itís some well-known actor, maybe even from the whedonverse? Canít wait for this show to finally kick off so we can (among other things) find out.
I've just put up a post at Dollverse about the episode order as best I can work it out - it looks like theonetruebix's mailing list source is right. There is some oddness here, though - I'm not entirely sure the Alpha and Victor stuff makes... well... sense, given the new order.

Alpha is sort-of seen in "Ghost", by the way. But no facial shots. I think it might be a 'Sylar' kinda reveal.
Didn't realize we'd be getting the backstory on Saunders' scars so soon...I thought that was going to be a mystery for a little while.

Also, Dollhouse is now officially showing up in the program guide on my TV. Yay.
Well, Joss himself here on whedonesque said, that some things he'd intended to hold back are laid out much sooner, whereas some are rolling out more slowly.
Dumb question that has probably come up Enver's character really Lubov now or Victor? and when did it change....or does no one know that?
Seems like he's Lubov for now. The first time I read the name was in the beginning of December when they had the "So Fox"-photoshoot.
I think ;-)
Dumb question that has probably come up Enver's character really Lubov now or Victor? and when did it change....or does no one know that?

It's not a dumb question, but since people keep asking here, know that the answer will spoil you for a plot point in the first episode. If you're ok with that, read Anuris's invisibled answer.
I'm wondering if they will include the word "ultimate" in every press release for the season.
FWIW, critics are beginning to receive two more episodes.
*checks in vain for critic credentials*
Yeah I don't think I'm going to finagle these either. I'm lucky I got the one I did.
Okay, I've got credentials. But I still don't think I'm gettin' two more since I never got the first...
*sigh* Iím starting to think, that by the time Iíll finally get to see the first episode, the critics will already have seen the whole damn series. Oh well, less than 2 weeks remaining...
Broadcast media will have received the first 3 episodes by the time it airs. Which is pretty usual for a TV series.
Print media are getting them also.
So this is the 2nd episode that Jace at Televisionary also didn't like? Is he the only one who's seen it?
I think that he might have seen "Gray Hour". Thatís the episode that was screened at MIPCOM in Cannes and I seem to recall reports, that people were confused by it. Which isnít really surprising, since, as we now know, itís not supposed to be the first, nor the second, but the fourth episode of the series and messing up with the order of the episodes usually also means messing up with the continuity of the story. And that could also be the explanation of why he didnít like it.
Yeah, Jace has seen "Gray Hour". It was originally shot as the 2nd episode of the series, and now it's been moved back (I have to say, thankfully). I've put together a guide to the shooting vs potential air order here.
This episode sounds brill. can't wait.
So the production order goes:

DOL-101 "Echo"
DOL-102 "Ghost"
DOL-103 "Gray Hour"
DOL-104 "The Target"
DOL-105 "Stage Fright"
DOL-106 "Man on the Street"
DOL-107 "True Believer"

Have you seen Gray Hour, gossi?

Edited to make my question make sense in light of the rest of the thread (which I didn't read)

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