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January 31 2009

Yahoo! TV Lists The Best Brilliant But Cancelled Series Of The Decade. Drive gets a mention.

Also noted is Veronica Mars.

No a lot of things. I'm surprised. At this point, I don't expect things like the Inside to get a mention, but Firefly and Wonderfalls seem like standard items on lists like these.
Man, this list is weird. Indeed no Firefly or Wonderfalls, although I'm glad to see Joan of Arcadia on it. But, really, Eli Stone? On a list of "brilliant" shows? Oy.

ETA that I think it's supposed to be a list of "straight" drama, not genre shows, which would explain the lack of Firefly.

But there's some on the list that arguably ignore that to a degree that something like Wonderfalls should be able to ignore it as well.

ETA that, then again, Wonderfalls arguably is a comedy, not a drama. But in the main, the point is that the slow infusion of coffee has led me to realize this isn't a list of "cancelled series" in general, it's a list of "cancelled DRAMA series".

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Wonderfalls gets a mention on their "Brilliant But Cancelled Comedies" list, which fits. I guess if they're leaving out sci-fi, that would explain the lack of Firefly.
Yes, where's Firefly?! I agree with a few of these shows. I loved Studio 60. It was just picking up speed when....pre-empted and then gone.
Yes, where's Firefly?!

As we just went through realizing/explaining in the thread, this isn't a "cancelled genre series" list, it's a "cancelled drama series" list.
Drive wasn't really that good. I mean, what we saw was decent, but I wasn't heartbroken when it was canceled.
Half of those shows were genre dramas. They had their quirky little way about them. Joan was about a girl who talked with God. Pushing Daisies, a guy who touched dead people. And so on. Firefly had it's drama every episode. It just happened to be a space western. Deadwood was a western too, only set in the past.
I really liked what we saw of Drive. Also loved Eli Stone. Studio 60 on the other hand, I really did my best to get into it, but IMO it already got way more time than it deserved. I'm still really upset about Pushing Daisies getting cancelled, good to see it listed on the comedy. Also good to see Arrested Development and Sports Night. Maybe those two wouldn't have been able to keep up to their high standards, but it's a damn shame we never got to find out.
I agree with Madmolly. Furthermore, how on earth could they neglect Firefly and included OCTOBER ROAD?! That show sucked! Nice to see Studio 60 get a little love, though.
@UnpluggedCrazy: Would you care to step outside for a moment? :)

In all seriousness, the six episodes play out better in one sitting. Tim Minear and company had the structure of this series finely tuned with strong precision, but it's easy to miss such a thing. I definitely feel that with patience and room to breathe, the show could have effortlessly grown into another Lost. Sadly, the network that housed it had been afflicted with IGS (Immediate Gratification Syndrome). Especially with something like this, Cable Television would have been the better route. Live and learn, I guess. :)
What b!x said.

So many shows lost to the ages. I really miss "Dead Like Me" and "Joan of Arcadia", shows that deal with the afterwards.

Then, there's "Deadwood". Sigh....
I have to agree with kingfudear in that Drvie was getting better with each episode. Really too bad that it couldn't find an audience on Monday nights. I'm also upset that Pushing Daisies got cancelled and even more that the network will not air the last 3 episodes. ABC is suffering from a very severe case of IGS.
I agree with this article on some of these shows esp Travler and Veronica Mars, but l would have to put Angel and Firefly on that list The fans rallied around both shows and the networks and cable brushed them off.
Drive. For anyone USA who hasn't seen all 6 episodes, they are available from itunes and
The dramas they mentioned didn't appeal much to me. The comedy list was a little better-- I haven't thought of Bakersfield P.D. in ages! I remember it fondly though. But most if not all of my dearly departed "Poor Dead Shows (TM)" are genre works like Firefly and Angel, so neither list hit the spot for me. (I still insist the Lone Gunmen could have fit perfectly on the comedy list, gorram it!)
I can't see why Firefly would be left out because of genre, Carnivale was firmly rooted in the supernatural (not that I begrudge it's place on this list, I felt that one as deeply as Firefly, and no movie to at least tie up the loose ends).

Loved the inclusion of Studio 60 and Traveler, and about time the more than excellent Kidnapped got a mention. Although I was saying by the end of the second ep, this is just too good for network, it's gonna get pulled way fast.
I'm glad that Veronica Mars made the list. I can't wait for the possible movie.

Drive was nice, but it just didn't get the chance to fully suck me in. I think Episode 4 was one of its bests, and then nada after that. Thanks for linking 1-6, I'll go check them out.

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