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January 31 2009

Another Dollhouse TV spot. It's in two parts because the uploader's cell phone can only record 15 seconds at a time. Part 2 is here. And yeah, as you have probably already figured out, since it was recorded by a cell phone, the quality of the video is once again pretty bad.

Yeah, the "hot chicks" one. They ran this one during American Idol this past week.
Truly crappy quality, but I am glad they are showing these spots.
Why oh why? Is it so difficult to rip the broadcast?
Actually, yes. It takes time.
This is not in reference to this new spot, I believe. But I just watched a DVR'd Bones, the most recently broadcast ep. I saw a Dollhouse TV promo in it - first one I've seen. Yay! But, sheesh, the (film) quality was crap - really measurably bad compared to commercials before it and after it, not to mention Bones itself. I was watching on a quality TV. Anyone else notice this? It was bizarre. Kind of like suddenly having regularly scheduled HDTV programming interrupted and a Youtube video filling the (large) screen...
Maybe it's supposed to be a style?
A couple of the ads are very stylized and shot in a fuzzy overexposed (why yes those are technical terms) on purpose.
"Overexposed" is a technical term. Not so sure about "fuzzy". Also not sure why that would be a good way to introduce new viewers to something that already might seem odd to them.
I was in HMV today and they had a big Dollhouse ad on top of a display of Joss shows and Tru Calling. I've never seen that before in a DVD store, with a show that hasn't even aired yet.
"Overexposed" is a technical term. Not so sure about "fuzzy". Also not sure why that would be a good way to introduce new viewers to something that already might seem odd to them.

Maybe it's a pitch to the seeing-impaired: "Watch Dollhouse, and you won't have to worry about what you're missing!"
Dreamlogic, that was sarcasm. I know nothing about that kind of stuff. Some of the ads seem stylized to me and most of them are directed at an audience that isn't us. That is a very good thing.

Redeem, 20th Home Entertainment is doing a big DVD promotion of Jossverse and ED shows around the Dollhouse premiere.
Fair enough, TamaraC. I'm just not sure that the best approach is doing weirder stuff than appeals to us.
Ooops. Double post.

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Dreamlogic, Joss' fans are nowhere near enough viewers to make Dollhouse get a second season. In order for that to happen, people who are stranger than us or a whole lot more normal than us will have to watch the show. Fox is casting a wide net and for that we should be grateful not critical. A lot of people on this site are much older than the desired Fox demo. I know that I am. Maybe what appeals to us is different from what appeals to 18 yr old boys. Just a thought.
I can recall saying the same thing myself about Whedon fans and a realistic network television audience. I still don't follow your thinking about the promos. Lefter/weirder is how much more television viewers?
Has anyone spotted a link to the "grindhouse-style" (two people, at least, have said that now) ad Fox is running for T:SCC and Dollhouse?
You mean Grindhouse the Tarentino/Rodriguez movie? I think I'm just going to go to sleep now.
Dreamlogic, what is weird to you might be cool to an 18 yr old boy. Unless you are an 18 yr old boy and I misunderstood that you were a woman at least my age (old enough to be an 18 yr old boy's mother).
Well, in the sense that the T/R movie used the name because it was an existing term.
Well TamaraC, being an 18 year old boy myself, I can confirm that what appeals to you does appeal to at least some of us as well.
Psst, Raccoon Boy, I like the weird ads. The weirder the better. :-)

Have you seen any Dollhouse ads that you think are strange or too "out there"?
We're well off the main page now so I don't know who would read this. I was too tired to express it at the time, but I actually liked Grindhouse pretty well, as one of the twelve people who saw it in theaters, but it was such a huge flop.

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