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January 31 2009

Sam Anderson talks Leverage, Angel, Christian Kane and Lost. Interview with Sam Anderson that ran Tuesday in IF Magazine (as opposed to the one already posted with TV Addict). Fun quotes about "Angel."

Am I the only person who automatically thinks of the BSG character Sam Anders, whenever I see a headline such as this? ;)
No, I think that every time.
I'm having trouble opening the link (something wrong with my Internet server), but I wonder if the content of the article is the same as the article we discussed a few days ago.

Nope. Similar but not the same.

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ricetxpeaches on 2009-01-31 22:40 ]
Hm, I have to watch S2 of Angel to make sure, but I can't recall seeing Daniel Dae Kim and Sam Anderson being in the same scene together on Angel, or even Lost, as, ya know, they both worked for Wolfram & Hart and got stranded in an island. ;)
It is so serendipitous that Sam ends up on Lost AND Leverage with fellow Angel actors. And it must be really cool to have played two such distinctive characters and get that kind of emotional response from fans. When I see him in anything now, I always think Holland Manners first though. Can't help it.
They were together on Lost, especially in the first half of the second season, when they dealt with the tailies quite a bit.

I remember Sam Anderson being on Growing Pains as the school principal who kept getting on Kirk Cameron's case. He was even on ER for a while.

He is an underrated actor in many ways. Something I find more entertaining many times, more than many "stars", is the character actors who fulfill the background.
ak24 - No, they never did appear together, Holland was dead and gone before Gavin started appearing on the show.
There's a lovely scene with Bernard and Jin in a boat.

The doctor who messed with Gunn's head turned up last season too.
This link is in the comments in the thread I created last Tuesday. Still, it's a better interview than I origionally linked. :)
As much as I love to hate Holland Manners, my favorite Mr. Anderson performance is from Barney Miller. He played a werewolf (or werewolf wannabe--depending on your point of view).
Great interview. Leverage is turning into one big Whedonverse reunion and it couldn't happen to a better show. (They didn't mention that Danny Strong was one of Anderson's character's sons). And the always awesome Mark Sheppard coming back, I believe.
Have I mentioned how much I love this show? :-)

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