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February 01 2009

LA Times counts down to Dollhouse, with an exclusive video about the set. Just a two-minute clip with comments from the cast, crew, and Joss about their beautiful set. Preceded by general excitement about the series. Also, a longish article about the set.

YouTube. Also, look out tomorrow for a Q&A with Eliza.

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That is ginormawesome! And I just noticed that the cast voices are so good that I would be into this even as a radio drama.
i cant watch the video because im in the UK =[
I was pretty surprised to find out they built the set before Joss had even written the script. Wowzers.
They really need to sort out the international copyright laws.
I wanna see that video, but I can't. Damn, I am depressed right now. If anyone is so smart to put it on Youtube exclusively for those who are not in the US, I'd be really grateful.
Dichen said "gobsmacked". Win.
Also, it's weird that their "exclusive" consists entirely of promotional material produced by Fox. It's not like the LA Times had to actually do much work here, heh.
Can't watch it. Could some gentle soul put it on YouTube?
I believe there are free programs you can download that allow you to access "US-only" media from outside the US. One I've heard of is called Hotspot Shield--anyone tried it? Does it work?
Here's a Youtube link for you foreign folks.
Yay, less than two weeks! I was able to create my TiVo Season Pass today. :)
Thanks Jobo. Great fun.
Where do I queue to sleepover on the set? Link?
Just Paypal me some money to my Nigerian bank account and I'll organise it, Sunfire.
Damn, I tried on my DirecTV DVR, Gomtuu. They have everything listed for the next two weeks right up until 7:00 on Feb. 13th. C'mon, DTV, even I know what those next two hours have in store!

Oh well. I'm probably getting a little over-excited at the prospect of putting Dollhouse in my DVR.
Is it Friday yet?
Why? Are you impatient for Dollhouse to still be a week away?
Is it Tuesday the 10th yet?
Did they have to say "debacle" about Firefly, six years later when it's a big DVD hit? I already knew that the Dollhouse set was beautiful from previous pictures, but I hadn't grasped how large it is. Whoa.
Wow, building that big expensive set before seeing the first script really shows how gung ho Fox was about 'Dollhouse'. I'll be looking for all the interviews on talk shows (it really helps to have a bankable star like Eliza Dushku who talk show hosts love to interview). In spite of a Friday night slot I'm still hoping for Fox to see some good numbers on T:SCC and Dollhouse, these are great shows to run on Fridays in a bad economy when not everyone is wanting to throw money away in the movie theaters. has a countdown clock running. Just add an hour to it.

11 days 19 hrs 45 minutes 41 seconds.
That would imply that I'm dancing on pins and needles for the start of the show...Okay, I'm so busted!

Hey, I never recovered from the "Angel" withdraw, just taking a day at a time.

Thanks for that YouTube link. I surely would pay eleventy gazillion cents for a sleepover on the set- eleventy gazillion TRILLION cents if they threw in Tahmoh as a snuggle bunny!
Thanks for the Youtube-link.

Seeing those clips somehow has me worried that we see all of the DVD special features before the DVD even gets released, LOL. Yes, here I am worrying about that.
That set is just amazing.
Wow, just .... wow! That is the most gorgeous set ever. And Joss always brings the funny. :)
It is beautiful! If wiping away my memory and using me for 5 years on underground assignments lets me sleep in that place, sign me up! Pfft. Money, forget that! I want the pods!
I can relax and sleep! I've been trying to DVR Dollhouse since the first of the year! I just did it!

DirecTV, get on the ball!... Dollhouse in HD!

Could I PIP a Faith episode with an Echo?
"The idea is that Joss really wanted this set to be a character of the piece"... did that sound familiar to anyone? It just made me smile a bit :)
The Dollhouse set will take 20,000 man hours...

The crew has two days before shooting begins.

Wow, a lot of people came together to make this. That's an amazing feat. I love how production designer, Stuart Blatt, expressed Joss' desire for the set "to be a character of the piece." Makes me think of the ship Serenity, the High School and the Hellmouth in Buffy, and where ever Angel was living on any given season.

Heh, and I see fuffybaby18 also enjoyed that. Awesome.

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