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"One of my imprints was an Eagle Scout. Another one was a sailor. There's a dirty joke in there somewhere."
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February 01 2009

A Fanboy Field Guide. New York Magazine discovers Whedonesque.

I am the surpreme geek? Ha ha ha. In other ways, perhaps, but certainly not a Whedonesque geek. I co-created the place, that doesn't mean I soak in it.
Well, at least they didn't call it a forum. Or Joss Whedon's blog. Maybe they just like your name, Caroline? It's long and, admittedly, sounds a bit posh to American ears.
There wasn't that much demonic sex. It always gets blown out of proportion against the works as a whole.
In a very weird way, I really with there was a Whedonverse counterpart to that Star Trek interior design company. I've never seen a full episode of any Star Trek series, unfortunately, so I can't quite revel in what I'm sure are some awesome replicas.

Also, congrats, Caroline, on your supreme geekdom, even if you disagree. ;)
They don't know me, they didn't speak to me. Poppycock.
Are there any benefits to being supreme geek? Money? A lifetime supply of Cheez-Its? Cutting-edge science? House full of hot chicks?
In future, I'm going to blame Milo. *points* He built the thing! And Simon. *points* He keeps it alive!
And gossi. *points* He starts fake movie rumors on his blog so we have stuff to talk about!

ETA- Do you have any idea how many hits that page is going to generate? The author is surely some kind of evil genius...

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Caroline, you must feel like Bullwinkle when he pulls the rhino head out of the hat and says, "Don't know my own strength!" - because it says this is"one of the Net’s most powerful online fan communities."

I read it online so it must be true.
Heh. Just when Caroline's carefully cultivated her image as a down-to-earth, non-crazy, just-into-building-websites-and/or-community-weblogs type person, New York Magazine comes along and ruins it all.

Still, always nice to see a whedonesque mention somewhere.

So... where's the demonic hate sex? Seriously, are you guys holding out on me?
I did not. have. sexual relations with that creature, Mr Demon.
Congratulations on your site being named as so powerful, even if you don't want to accept the accolades, Caroline. ;)
Hah ! In yer face !

Also, is it hate sex that's demonic or demonic hate that's sexual ? That's not a meaningless distinction to some of us.
Also, is it hate sex that's demonic or demonic hate that's sexual ?

The former is canon, the latter is not.
This makes me think about the Caroline and Joss discussion about this being a blog.

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I'm no fanboy. Am a girl. And what the heck is a feminist mythopea? :)
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin, from Greek mythopoiia, from mythopoiein to make a myth, from mythos + poiein
I did not. have. sexual relations with that creature, Mr Demon.

The former is canon, the latter is not.

Simon and Caroline win at the internet!
Caroline's name DOES sound posh to American ears, but then again... so does the word 'posh'. And although I agree, dreamlogic, that there wasn't that much demon sex, but then what there was was really memorable. I don't mind having Joss Whedon's little fandom compared to the Trekkies and/or George Lucas' army of fans, but I kinda resent having it compared to the readers of 'Twilight'. *sigh*
Was there demon hate sex in Firefly and I missed it? Ooo.. a lost episode perhaps?
Van Oosten = from the east
de Boer = the farmer

My niece is both a Joss fan and a Twilight fan. It can be done, Embers. Then again, she's only ten.

Well, not when you've gone and demystified it...

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but Caroline, you're an eastern farmer in some European language we don't understand out here in middle America. That makes it as posh as Posh Spice.
I kinda like the "one of the Net's most powerful online fan communities". And they're what, just now figuring that out? ;)
Not so much the "fanboy" title, we aren't all boys, by a long shot. Yeah I know, there's a connection to the movie, but still.
I guess the "feminist mythopoeia" makes up for it. None of the other fandoms got a tag you have to look up in the dictionary. :)
(Thanks madmolly, my spellcheck doesn't even recognize it.)
In spite of the word boy being a part of it, fanboy is often used in gender non-specific ways. Any time you can use a word like mythopoeia, though, by all means, grab ahold of that sucker!
Ooh, Caroline, TiffintheOK compared you to Posh Spice. Them's fightin' words. Or at least demonic hate sex... ;-P Could be mythopoeic... (And I feel sorry for the ten year old trying to contain BOTH Twilight and Whedon in her fandom. She's gonna split apart like Xander in the double...)
We got 22 referred visitors from so far. They must not get a lot of visitors. Or the description of our site scares people off.
What, demonic hate sex and feminist mythopoeia scares people off? How can that be?
I think it's all that power, and Caroline's oh-so-posh last name. ;)
That is the weirdest description of fansites I've ever seen. It's telling that they don't mention Emerson Spartz or Melissa Anelli.
My goodness they did make us sound interesting, intellegent, kinky and soooooo powerful. Too bad the last one is not true as we would like.

Caroline: We are simple people here. Even translated, a farmer from the east sounds somewhat mysterious, if not posh. I know, we're kinda pitiful sometimes. ;-)

Or the description of our site scares people off.

That sounds appropriate for something Whedony.
Or the description of our site scares people off.

It's sound like The First speech at the end of "Lessons". You know, that about power thingie.
This thread makes me happy. Accolades aplenty to Caroline, Geek Goddess Supreme, and her minions.

(minions!) *snicker*
See how not geeky I am? I don't remember said speech.
Was there demonic hate sex in Firefly and I missed it? Ooo..a lost episode perhaps?

Not lost, but considered actually. If they'd gone ahead with that idea about Inara and the Reavers... (shivers)

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Hmm, not demons and can they hate ?

(but I think when Spike came into it in the decadent 6th season we could've had some ;)

ETA: We got 22 referred visitors from so far.

Ah, err, one of those might've been me in fact (just wanted to check the link). Sorry ;). 21 is still pretty good [/silver lining].

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We got 22 referred visitors from so far.

We may have to re-examine our plans to save Dollhouse.
321 is not gonna be enough?
embers and redeem147, I just got a t-shirt which says, "And then Buffy staked Edward. The End." I'm wearing it to my first day of a YA Lit. class next weekend (and I'm in school to become a (better educated) teacher)! :-D
321 is not gonna be enough?

Well it's five more viewers than Firefly ever got.
We are a site full of feminist Spartans who go around encouraging people to sign our "show-cancellation protest letters" or we smash them to bloody bits. This energy, in our off-hours, leads us to "demonic hate sex" that would make Spike blush.

As we stand in our final "save Dollhouse" battle, Caroline, bellows from the sharp rocks above the red loin-clothed fanboys, "WE ARE WHEDONITES"!

It's posh, in the Scary Spice kind of way. When I read the description of our beloved community, I only thought "nu-uh!".

*examines severed Vulcan head in raised fist*

Oh, well maybe. ;)
Clearly I am not the fan I thought I was. Demon sex? As for saving Dollhouse, Simon, don't forget how powerful we are.We don't need no stinking high numbers.
I love that it's assumed that we "need to save" Dollhouse when it hasn't even aired yet!
I love that it's assumed that we "need to save" Dollhouse when it hasn't even aired yet!

Well, a number of "fans" assumed the same thing right when the show was first announced, and made a big, vocal to-do about it. So, that might be why other people make the assumption as well, still.
Farmers are posher than slaves, cottagers, and villeins, and some might be posher than some freemen, being minor lords. You're stuck with being posh, and congratulations!
In spite of the word boy being a part of it, fanboy is often used in gender non-specific ways.

If you wanted to get all 'postmod-post gender' about it, you could "flip the bit" as it were, and swap the y for i. Yes, No?
/"Here to help, wanna live."
And many do/have, as urban dictionary attests, but I didn't write the Field Guide :)
The whole posh name thing has to do with the fact that for many years in the U.S., Dutch names - many of 'em beginning with "Van" like Van Buren and Van Rensselaer and Vanderbilt and, um, van Winkle - were the early settlers-turned-ruling class names that represented money & that little group of The Four Hundred "high society" families in the east, 'specially in New York City.

Growing up in New York State and hearing about all these legendary rich folk downstate, if I hear a "Van"-anything name, the first things I think of are the American Gilded Age, and mansions in Newport, RI, and Delmonico's restaurant, and Edith Wharton novels...

We don't actually translate the name - it just conjures up "posh" automatically...
It's not quite so bad in Michigan, we have a big Dutch-heritage community in the southwest of the state, centered on Holland (of course) and Grand Rapids. Growing up one of my best friends was a van.
Don't forget Van Helsing. Totally posh.
There's nothing posher than Van Halen.
I like how they make all the fandoms sound equally creepy--I mean--er--geeky. What? Fetish?

I saved the link to the 24th Century Interior Design. Hoping it might come in handy some day for someone. Just shiny knowing someone is doing this in any fandom.
Vans are pretty posh shoes. And I should know, 'cos I'm rather posh myself. It was nice to be featured as a powerful online community though. (At least, my non-fangurl colleague at work was impressed).

Completely by-the-by, I just want to share that my daughter turned 12 last week and had 7 girlfriends around for a sleepover that included all of them watching and singing along to Dr. Horrible - and they all knew all the words. I was that proud, I was. :-)
SoddingNancyTribe: You're a good parent, you are! I know I've passed the test since mine are reciting Dr. Horrible, Big Bang Theory, and Princess Bride. They make me proud... Just remember, people, "Jayne, the man they call Jayne..." If Jayne could steal money and give it to the poor, we can save Dollhouse.... (not that it needs saving. Cutting slack, sir!)
There's nothing posher than Van Halen.

Pfft, Van Wilder: Party Liason (that's, like, quadruple barrelled, don't come no posher than that).

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