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February 02 2009

Grindhouse-inspired promo for Terminator: SCC/Dollhouse. New promo for FOX's upcoming Friday night sci-fi lineup.

It's a little bit too cheesy if you ask me, but I think it could do a good job bringing some more people in.

I can do a MUCH better 'Grindhouse' movie voice-over than that. They should have hired me. ;)
I love it, but then again I'm easy - Damn it! I should really stop telling everyone that! he he...

Man, I don't think it's possible for me to be more excited about this show. START ALREADY!

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Spoiler TV have posted the Castle promo too-there's links to it on the top and right hand side of the page. :-)
Very cool. Sure it has almost no relevance to either show, but its fun and makes me want to watch a Fox Friday night double feature.
Check out the knife in Echo's hand about 35 seconds in- talk about a major Faith flashback!
The promo is ridiculous, bit it still has me excited.
I can't make out the line Echo says in the beginning of the clip... anybody? I think I'm going deaf.
I think she says "hows that arm holding up? " that's what it sounds like to me...
Thanx, Rosalind. Love the raunchy giggle Eliza gives 37 seconds in... he he...
Watch Fox on Friday. We have hot women! Ummm yay?
Ignoring the obvious Sci-Fi Friday aspect. Hot Girls are more important.
Yay indeed. Without the sound it's quite cool, basically a way to say "Look, hot chicks !" but in a slightly knowing, humorous way (course, seen in another light it's that most cynical of ploys, using apparent irony to do exactly what an unironic advert would aim for but i'm feeling all benefit of the doubty today).

It's also just about the only style of promo where the Voice of Cheese™ actually works (no sound at work so cue someone telling me they've chosen not to use VoC for the one promo where he'd add something ;).
If anyone wants to help get it up there on Digg, this is the link:
Wow, I couldn't be more excited now! And that wasn't sarcasm! Nor was that. Or that. Or that. :/

What with the slow motion and speaking various languages, this has really pumped me up after all the talk of doom and gloom over the past few months :D
As someone who's probably in the target audience (22 yr-old male) I think that's a pretty cool ad
Yeah, that's a very cool ad in my opinion. I can see why some wouldn't like it but as the kind of person who thinks Grindhouse was the most underrated movie of last year, this is awesome.

Nothing to do with either show, but you can't fault the ad for fun.
I loved Grindhouse, so I found it very clever. I could see either woman shooting zombies with their gun-leg.

Though, didn't Grindhouse not do so well at the box office? How many people are going to get that ad?
It didn't do that well but coming from Tarantino/Rodriguez it's going to be fairly widely known of I reckon, especially amongst that oh so attractive to advertisers 18-49 demo.

(wish they'd released it over here, even in a limited run, but we only got the extended separate films)
I didn't love it (ETA- I mean the promo), but I'm happy to see promotion occurring.

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Grindhouse had some strong woman characters--with extra cheese!
Yeah, clearly an attempt to have it both ways: knowing, ironic use of exploitative tropes, but also hey-look-sexy-women-with-guns!

That being said, I thought it was pretty fun, and I think we can count on Joss to keep Dollhouse interesting and politically astute, no matter how it's advertised.

I thought that that was a really fun promo, misleading probably, but definitely fun! And I did 'dug' it.
I thought it was awesome and totally old school!
Awesome! Is that really a Fox ad? Has anyone seen it on TV?
I don't like it. Not that it matters since I already plan to watch.
I kinda like it. It definitely draws attention.
And there's a better version of the video on YouTube
"Awesome! Is that really a Fox ad? Has anyone seen it on TV?"

Yes, it's really a FOX ad, and yes, I've seen it on TV. It aired a couple of nights ago, but I only caught half of it, so it was cool to see the whole thing.
Heh, that was... unusual. As a thing by itself, it's cool. But I wonder how many people who'd actually like the shows themselves would be drawn by this. And how many potential viewers it turns off because the style of the promo isn't quite their thing.

On the other hand: I'm glad there's some promotion going on. So I guess I'm happy :).
I dunno, I think it's self-aware enough to intrigue people, maybe some of the people that might like the show will think "Cool, Fox are hip enough to slightly take the piss out of themselves, I may check this out".

And i've now experienced it in All New Sound-o-Vision ! With Added Sound ! And Action ! Plus, More ! and still quite like it. Voice of Cheese™ is, indeed, put to good use ;).
It's not as bad as this. But though the NBC ad doesn't pander to the GLCD as much as the Fox one.
The odd thing is that the ad kind of pumps up the "hot action!" thing, and I wonder if people will feel baited and switched when they don't turn out to be action shows, so much.
Now I really want Eliza and Summer to star in some super cheesy action movie together. That was big fun!
The One True b!X, the format of the show doesn't tend to shift ever so slightly as the episodes progress. More action, yada.

Also, there's bullet time in that-there promo.
Can you parse that first paragraph?
Not sure why there would be a bait and switch. Both shows have plenty of action. Not every viewer will want to or even need to look for DEEPER MEANING in these shows. They can be enjoyed for Hot Girls! and Big Guns!. Then the effete few can come back to the Interwebs and talk deeper meaning and metaphor and stuff.

Yes, it is a fun, silly ad that is self aware and making fun of itself. yay! Good Advertising, Fox! keep it up.
Sorry, I meant 'does'.
Of course, T:SCC has been around for awhile now, and it's not swimming in people enjoying it solely for "Hot Girls! and Big Guns!" and that's sort of my point. That wider audience isn't into that show, because it really doesn't spend an inordinate amount of time being that -- which is why I said it could feel like a bait and switch.
Then the effete few can come back to the Interwebs and talk deeper meaning and metaphor and stuff.

'Effete' ? Wuh ? I think my dictionary must be broken again ...
I loved Grindhouse, so I found it very clever. I could see either woman shooting zombies with their gun-leg.

Great! Now I'm going to have Cameron & Echo running around in my head beating off the zombie army brought on by Wolfram & Hart! Not that that's a bad thing. ;)

And I love the ad. Even if it really has NOTHING to do with the shows. It does bring the two shows together with loads of FUN, highlights Fridays (Freaky Fridays?) as being special from the other "days" of the week, and shows how kick-ass our characters are.

The only thing that bothers me in the ad is when they say "soulless" and they're showing Echo. Echo isn't soulless... isn't that part of why we're watching the show? Hmmm...

Loved Grindhouse by Tarantino. When they killed the stunt man (Kurt Russel), that was AWESOME! Planet Terror was a little too much for me though. But still fun.

I say it's a win for Fox Advertising. Well, maybe not an A, but definitely not an F. I'm thinking a B+. :)
Sigh. It's like there are crazy people in charge of the promotion for Joss' works. Really, who does this appeal to? They should go for the Sci-Fi folks, try and shake up the Sci-Fi channel's domination of Friday, or something.

That's not saying I don't like action and hot girls. But both the shows are so much more. Also, bullet time is lame. Besides, I thought the point of a compound bow was that one could hold the arrow back indefinitely? Why else go for a wimpy modern bow with pulleys and other things instead of the far superior nomadic composite bow?
Really, who does this appeal to?

Uh, me?

Re: Lack of sci-fi twist. It seems to me that Fox is a little allergic to "science fiction". When Terminator first aired, they labeled it "action" rather than sci-fi. And it still applies today. But to me, these shows have more to do with "action" than they do with science fiction. Is there a philosophy category? Cuz I'd stick it there, if there was one. But there's not. :-/

Maybe drama would work, but they need something that makes Fridays different from the other "drama days" Fox has going for it. And "action" could fill that nicely.
Yeah. That was the wrong word. I was thinking "snob", but thought that was harsh, then my brain went to "elite" but that word has silly neo-con negative connotations now, so my fingers typed effete. Stupid fingers.
SteppeMerc, I suspect most Sci-Fi folks are by now aware of T:SCC and Dollhouse and probably made up their minds whether they are interested. Unfortunately, Sci-Fi fans just don't have the numbers to sustain a network show, so we do need Joe Average to tune in.

Not that I'm crazy about this ad specifically, but I think it's only good that T:SCC and Dollhouse are marketed in a variety of ways.

[ edited by Effulgent on 2009-02-02 22:37 ]
I think it's only good that T:SCC and Dollhouse are marketed in a variety of ways.

FWIW, I don't disagree with this. And, certainly, in the mass of look-alike commercials out there, at least this one stands out as different.

I'm just saying that if I were the sort of person who watched TV shows because of commercials for them, I might get annoyed when these two shows didn't actually turn out to be like I thought they would be when I saw this ad. That's all.
The thing about sci-fi is that, even though we like it, there's a large segment of the population that will refuse to watch a show simply because it's labelled as part of that genre. I have a Buffy/Angel fan friend who doesn't want to watch Firefly because it's sci fi. I like sci-fi, and don't particularly like action, but if they need to market Dollhouse as action to get the viewers, I'm not complaining.
Tamara: "Then the effete few can come back to the Interwebs and talk deeper meaning and metaphor and stuff."

Tamara - whether you meant "snob" or "elite" or "effete" or something lighter and fluffier - there's an edge to your comment - a definite criticism you're making of folks who are given to more story analysis (I gather that's what you're making fun of?) than you are.

What's the beef? Is there some right way to view and think about TV shows that precludes discussion of any "deeper meaning" and structure and narrative devices and so on?

For some folks - including me - a kind of literary perception, analysis and discussion comes as naturally to them as whatever way you choose to watch and talk about TV may come to you. Dunno why you have to be contemptuous - they're just different ways of experiencing.

Surprisingly - given that I didn't care particularly for the Grindhouse sensibility, and after reading these comments before I watched the promo - I liked it. Grindhouse aside, it also had just enough of a 60's thing going - sorta Man From U.N.C.L.E./Bond/Modesty Blaise, etc. - and it wasn't really overboard "hot chicks" thingy for me - oooh, and his voice was just right.

Though it is a little lacking in nuance, and it might annoy someone actually looking for unabated hot-girl-with-gun action, I actually think it's one of the better, more creative promos for Dollhouse I've seen thus far - and I just kinda love that it's Summer and Eliza together.
Well, that was neat. I'm a big Grindhouse fan myself, and while that doesn't entirely hit the spot, it comes close enough.

Thanks for the YouTube link, by the way, Nico-Angel. The Spoiler TV video was way choppy on my PC.
Yeah wasn't super-smooth on mine either, wondered if it might be deliberate (like a missing reel for the YouTube generation ;).

... and it might annoy someone actually looking for unabated hot-girl-with-gun action ...

That is virtually what the fast-forward button was invented for. I just wish 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' was longer than 3 minutes 46 seconds is all.

(and yeah, what a place to pick to insult people that like to discuss subtext. Tough room i'd wager ;)
They should go for the Sci-Fi folks, try and shake up the Sci-Fi channel's domination of Friday, or something.

Except Sci-Fi's dominance consists of maybe 2 million viewers. Critics and fans can praise BSG to the sky, but everyone who doesn't watch (and that's a lot) will look at you and call you a nerd. It's sad but true.

They should do as many different promos as they can. As many as Echo has personalities.
Oh, I actually liked that better than any of the other ads I've seen! So silly and fun.
I took the "effete" to be intended ironically.
As did I. I assumed Tamara was knowingly including herself and all of us in the term, suggesting that it was how we are seen by the other people (you know, those mouthbreathers who aren't as sophisticated as we are...). ;)
Fire up your Fridays with a double-dose of the 'D'-girls, the dames of deception. Cameron and Echo, these two-fisted freakeys are gonna get you straight!

Soul-less and delightful. Ahem.
I still prefer my own Fox Friday Femmes Fatales to "the dames of deception".
For a second there I thought b!X had his own personal Fox Friday Femmes Fatales.
b!X is running a harem?! What?!

*goes to start rumor*
Maybe instead of doing a Grindhouse-like commercial, they could have just gotten Tarantino or Rodriguez to you know, direct it. They actually might have went for it.
If someone wants caps ...
Thanks for the link, Rikardo!
I'm so late into this, that I just watched the trailer a few minutes ago. From the comments I expected something worse.

I liked that they played with the concept of pairing the shows up, centering the marketing on Eliza and Summers characters. yes the promo was cheesy and wonky, but that they were what caught my attention.

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