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February 02 2009

(SPOILER) Dollverse Exclusive: A Q&A with Dichen Lachman. She talks about her transition form Neighbours to Dollhouse and about the fun in portraying Sierra.

J: Have you had any crazy or surreal fan experiences yet?

DL: Only with Neighbours fans. Are Joss fans more intense? :)

I seem to remember some of the Firefly people being shocked at the reception they got at a Con. Must be a hell of a ride...
I must say, from all the interviews she seems incredibly down to earth and sympathetic. Excited to see her act in 12 days. :)
Wait, Neighbours has fans?

My disgust with that show aside, she seems really cool.
Yeah, there are people obsessed with Neighbours. It's a real studenty cult thing, at least here in the UK. There were people in my hall of residence who would meet every day watch it together.
Neighbours used to be great. Before Paul Robinson had half his brain cut out and became nice again :(

Izzy Hoyland FTW!!1!11!1
Is it accurate to say actors on US scifi shows get more intense fan attention that actors on Neighbours?
Ask Alan Dale.
No? My google-fu just tells me he got typecast as his Neighbours character.
I don't think he's typecast anymore. But in regards to intense fan attention, Neighbours had a huge following in the UK in the late 80s. Its popularity surpassed just about every other show on the telly. So fan attention here was intense.
Sounds like the British equivalent of General Hospital back in the Luke and Laura days. Of course, that didn't exactly translate into booming careers for either actor, although others did better.
Yes, but can we beat it? I'm in for the competition.
Yes, she just might want to get acquainted with Danny Strong and collect some of his stories :-).
I told this story on the radio show, so I might as well tell it here - Dichen emailed me about a year or so ago, thanking me for some comment I'd written online about her or the show (I don't remember). In it she included her phone number and other info, in the signature. I was, like, dude - she's gotta stop doing that! (She has). I think she's awesome by the way - she's really positive, and I think actually really likes Dollhouse and Joss.

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