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"Angel's lame! His hair goes straight up, and he's bloody stupid!"
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February 02 2009

Smile : a great feel good video to begin the week. You can also download it here. You'd better smile.

That was joyous, thank you. It was the giggling Skip that made it, IMO. :-)
That was pretty good.
If I am doomed to live this day over and over again, I hope this video is always part of it! (I'm also in a lot of excruciating pain today, and this actually helped alleviate it temporarily.)

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After working a midnight shift with no heat, this was the PERFECT coming home gift. Thanks.
This is a classic vid that's just been remastered, and the original was awesome too. I defy anyone not to watch it and do just as it says on the label :)
Happy joy smile!
Awesome vid! (sorry to hear about the pain, Nebula1400 -- hope you feel better soon) Caleb smiling and then the Gentlemen -- ooh, that added serious creep factor, though!
Oh, how could anyone not love this?!?! It is guaranteed smiles for me.
Nice! Made me wanna go watch Buffy again. Been too long :)

I hope you feel better soon Nebula 1400.
That was so wonderful!

I also hope you feel better soon Nebula! Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.
Watching that makes me feel all warm inside! It's great to see a vid focus on the silly fun parts of BTVS and ATS.

Well done!
redders, I was grinning ear to ear, but when I saw Skip I burst into genuine audible laughter.
The only part of the video that made me go, "where the hell was that from?" was when Willow, Giles and Xander all had their hair standing up. What was that?
FaithsTruCalling That's when they removed the tracking device from Spike - Will had cast some kind of spell to affect the electronic aspect of it, so the Initiative lost the signal until Giles removed it.
FaithsTruCalling, that was from the season 4 ep No I in Team. Willow used the rose stone she got from Tara to do something to air, so they could disrupt the signal coming from a tracking devise imbedded in Spike's back so they could remove it. It made the air all static-y.

I'm a huge geek.
Yep, EM fields are hell on hair.

I probably smiled widest when Buffy got 'Class Protector' - it's possible i'm a big sap (then chuckled watching Fred do karaté ;).

(and that Supernaturals song is one of those tunes you just can't help bopping along to - even though, like R.E.M's 'Shiny Happy People' or 'Wake Up Boo' by the Boo Radleys, it's actually a deeply negative, cynical song ;)
That made my day & filled my bank with smiles! Thanks!
Excellent, that just made me grin so hard. And also go 'ow' a lot because so many happy moments in Buffy/Angel are followed by bad stuff and I remember that too. Not to mention that darn hamburger...

Saje, I never stop grinning at the number of people who think R.E.M's The One I Love is romantic and sweet...

Hee. I too need a rewatch now. "I love you so much, I almost forgot to brood!"
Yep, it made me smile. We're all so predictable.

Hope you feel better soon, Nebula1400!!
I smiled! What a great video!
Feel better, Nebula1400!

Oh, yes, I smiled. It's been at least a year since I watched them all ...
Thank you. I smiled alot.

I sometimes forget how much they smiled in Buffy/Angel between all the PAIN.

Loved seeing Numfar dance again.
That was thoroughly enjoyable.
I've seen this before, but it was great to see it again. Happy Monday, everyone! Cheers!
That just made me...cheery.
The quality and intricacy of these fan videos never fails to amaze me; from the trivial amount of video editing I've done, these people are clearly way more skilled and (above all) patient than I could hope to be.

Great stuff. Giggling-"Restless"-Buffy FTW.
That actually made a big dent in the tough day I've had today. Now I'm smiling. :) Feel better soon Nebula.
Thanks a bunch- I smiled, as ordered.
All that was missing was Fiesta Giles opening the door- which always brings the LOL's, and perhaps the freaky smiling kid from the 'Smile Time' teaser!
Me is smiling too :-)))

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