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February 02 2009

Leverage renewed for second season. TNT has ordered 15 new episodes of the popular, high-octane series, which stars Oscar winner Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge, and features Mark Sheppard in a recurring role.

Thanks for the good news, menomegirl!
You know, in a few weeks from now, I would so love to see this headline in regard to Dollhouse...

But anyway, even though I don't watch Leverage, congrats to Christian. :-)
Yay for good news!
I'm thrilled to hear it, I love 'Leverage'!
Excellent news ! Must admit, it felt like it took a few episodes to really start hitting its marks (maybe partly due to the broadcast order being swapped slightly) but I was happy to give it the chance to, just a really great, fun show.
Good news it deserves it. And its funny, someone I must have missed it on Angel, but Christian Kane has a great comedic timing, be it chopping onions with his knife or chopping Yakuza *g*
LA Times Behind the Scenes on the set of the Leverage Season finale.

Also this news is so Shiny.

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Hooray! The show has grown on me as well, I'm really enjoying it now.
Great, definitely my favorite new show so far.
One of the stronger ensembles I've seen in awhile. Solid show.
Christian Kane and Gina Bellman are the ones that really make this show interesting to watch. The rest of the cast is fine, but they make it what it is.

I was wondering if the episodes were out of order since Timothy Hutton seems to ge over his alcohol addiction in one episode but then is back to being an alcoholic in the next.

While it is not what I would call a "reset" show, there is not a lot of through plot except for the other insurance investigator who is returning I hear.
Yay! Awesome. :D
While it is not what I would call a "reset" show, there is not a lot of through plot except for the other insurance investigator who is returning I hear.

I think there'd be more "through character" stuff though, if not for the aforementioned shifting of episodes. John Rogers talks about it briefly on his blog (here for instance).
Yay!!! This is my favorite new show (so far) this season. I'm glad TNT is sticking with it.
I love this show. It reminds me a little bit of the A-Team, with more plot, which isn't saying much. (But I'm watching reruns of the A-Team now, so I say that with no disrespect. I love me some 80s television!)
I'm glad Leverage will be back for another season. Now if only Middleman could be renewed as well *sigh*
Added Mark Sheppard to the link description for a bit of extra Whedon relevance.
Finally, a piece of good news. I really enjoy this show and I'm happy it's doing so well.
Sounds like the perfect time for a 'Leverage' marathon..
Thanks, SNT. Mark's recurring role as Sterling is definitely one of the perks of watching Leverage.
Yay! I haven't watched all of my DVRs yet, but I've loved the episodes that I've seen. And double yay for more scrumptious Christian Kane.
Jaynes Hat: The episodes have been way out of order. According to my DVR anyway. I think it went from 2 to 6 or something and then it's been all around the place.
Jaynes Hat: Yeah they're being shown out of order. (I have no idea why networks do that). It's not too bad though (not Firefly bad), just enough to where you notice odd things from time to time.
Re: broadcast order. From the blog John Rodgers posted today:

..the original ep broadcast order should go Nigerian/Homecoming/Snow Job/Wedding.

Hopefully, a complete cheat list will be with the season DVDs.

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