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February 02 2009

Whedontastic Friday the 13th! Tony Head will be starring in a new comedy on Channel 4 (UK), which premieres on the 13th.

"Free Agents" is a six-episode, 30 minute comedy. Tony will be playing Stephen Caudwell, a talent scout.

First episode airs at 10 p.m. on the 13th.

What about that Merlin show? Whatever happened to it?
Gushing with Whedon Goodness? I think so!
Merlin finished it's 1st series, and it got renewed for a second series, which will debut later this year.
Can't wait for Tony to show up on Top Gear as the star in a reasonably priced car. He must be a big enough star over there by now.
It also has Stephen Mangan from Green Wing in it! Yay. Definitely going to check this out, it stars my favourite actor from both my favourite drama series and my favourite comedy series.
I hated Green Wing! Even though it had the excellent and gorgeous Sarah Alexander from the fantastic Coupling in it it just didn't work for me, I thought the tone was just wrong, like it was shot like a kids show with everyone overacting furiously.
Sounds like a great show, but I wish it would come to the states. I guess the only possible source is YouTube
Hmm, wonder where it's going ? Gordon Effing Ramsey's back from 9-10 pm so it presumably won't fill the seemingly natural 9:30 pm slot...
10pm as mentioned in the first post :)
Speaking of, I just noticed that Dollhouse is showing up on my TiVo's schedule now, so I can add a season pass...
10pm as mentioned in the first post :)

kkkhhhh Nope, kkhkkhhh sorry, the kkkhhh signal's terrible, i'm going through two tunnels with kkkhhh my phone wrapped in tin-foil ... Jesus, what's that on your shoulder !

Ahem. Yes, well, I hope we've all learned from my "deliberate" mistake and I hope what we've learned is "Saje cannot use electronic TV schedules to save his life" (was looking at the 6th, oops ;).
I'm so glad Tony is doing a comedy! He was excellent and fun as the Prime Minister in Little Britian -- except it sounds like Tony will get to be cheeky and probably naughty one in this new series. (I could watch those Prime Minister and Sebastian skits over and over!)
Hopefully, the folks at BBC America will schedule Free Agents for us Yanks to enjoy.
BBC America never shows anything good in my opinion. Sure there are the occasional reruns of classics, but nothing new. Fortunately we live in the age of the INTERNET and non-region coded DVD players.
I think I saw the pilot for this not long back.

I think it was a bit pants.
It definitely wasn't a puddy tat you saw ? You're sure now ?

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