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February 02 2009

Adam Baldwin Discusses Random Roles With The AV Club. This includes his thoughts on why Firefly and Serenity weren't big hits.

Also talks about getting his role on Angel, and Joss' loyalty to those he's worked with.

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Firefly and Serenity weren't popular because it was too awesome for the general crowd to enjoy. :)
That was a nice inside to the Angel casting. Those kinds of things warm my heart. :)
I actually agree with Adam about the title of Serenity. I hadn't heard of Firefly until early 2008, but I saw posters for Serenity when it was in the movie theater. I remember thinking, "Ok. Sci-fi, uhhh, I hate X-Files, but I like outer space movies." Then, I thought, "Serenity? Uh, probably not for me." And I didn't see the movie. In fact, I didn't see it until May or June 2008. I had never seen a preview for the movie, so I based my entire decision on the movie's name and it's poster (outside a movie theater).

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So, Joss watched the X-Files? Shows good taste :)
I was watching Independence Day last night (haven't seen it in forever) and noticed Adam in it. It was a nice surprise.
I've always liked Adam's candidness. He does tell it like it is.
sammygeen I came to this thread just to mention that very thing! I forgot he was in it. I actually squeed a bit. (I live alone, so it's ok.)

"Is that glass bulletproof?"

"No, Sir." pulls out gun and shoots the lab glass


Man does look dangerous with a gun.

That Coke can never stood a chance. ;-P
I love the "turns out I was just doing Yaphet Kotto." It's interesting to see his motivation for his roles. Nice interview.
Great interview. And that hockey team sounds like a hoot!

Fingers crossed that ratings-challenged Chuck gets a renewal.
nice little shout out to Angel and David. Always like to see that :). They worked together again in Bones. Adam said that David went to bat for him in the casting process so I guess that David likes Adam as well.

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