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February 02 2009

Buffy shown during the Super Bowl. She appeared in the Hulu commercial. Can you spot her?

Thanks to Greer

Yes, I can. One of the most emotional scenes in all of Buffydom.
Ooh, they picked a good scene.
Jeez, spoilers! I haven't got to the end of season two yet!
zz9, you're 11 years behind!
I saw it immediately when it aired and said to those around me, "Oh, there's Buffy and she's closing Acathla." I met with blank stares. :(
Great scene to show! It's the first time the Buffyverse made me cry.

That commercial was also one of my favorites of the Superbowl. So awesome that Buffy was included plus 30 Rock is a favorite of mine. I'm seeing some surprising connections between 30 Rock and Buffy. Willow has a crush on Tina Fey, Buffy is shown in a Hulu commercial by Alec Baldwin basically playing his character from 30 Rock.
Great episode to pick from. Cool.
Damn, it took me two viewings to catch it. I am covered with shame.
Oooo I actually noticed it when it aired and got really excited...and then wanted to watch Season 2.
"Watch Hulu so we can turn your brains to mush".

Is that an encouraging message? lol I can't decide if this is good advertising or not. No doubt, though... they needed Firefly and Dr H in the background! :D

ETA: I've been looking online, but I can't find the "Chuck" promo that had Adam Baldwin in the background.... Dancing!

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Caught that! Awesome! Aired during the Superbowl. Now that's how life should be. >)
This one, TDBrown? Simon linked it over in the Grindhouse thread.
Awesome that Buffy got picked to be shown and 'The Office' my two great loves! Brilliant!
Ohh I watched this commercial on hulu today, and didn't notice Buffy in there. I'm a bad Buffy fan :( ... but a good 30 Rock fan, I guess, hehe.
Sweetness. And a pretty much perfect scene to choose, too.
I can't believe it never even occured to me to check out what shows they had up in the background. My mind was to busy being blown over the fact that I was watching a commercial for hulu on hulu.

This commercial was already really high on my list of favorites, but it definitely just jumped up to number one.
Haikes, that happened to me to.
I saw that during the live commercial. I yelled "Buffy!" and my friends just stared at me. I was proud tho!
Hulu, I love you for showing Buffy in your commercial, but I hate you for not letting me watch your damn videos in Canada.
zz9, you're 11 years behind!

I get that a lot....
OMG--you guys are out of your mind. How did you spot that??!!

(I even watched the game on a 42 inch flat screen tv. But to be honest, there was kind of a beer induced fog getting in the way.)
Thanks, Jobo. that was the commercial I was thinking of. Adam dancing... priceless!
I saw it...took me 2 watchings though. LOVED the commercial.

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