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February 02 2009

The Nostalgia Critic reviews 'Good Burger', starring J. August Richards. OK, so it's a stretch, but the review's hilarious, and who doesn't want to see a young Gunn (har) getting sprayed with ketchup and mustard?

Old Judy from "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" is there too! For about half a second.
Haha I didn't know he was in that movie.
I watched this earlier today and it just about blew my mind when J showed up.
Good Burger was pretty underrated. It had it's moments. :P

I didn't know J. was in it either.
I didn't know he was in it either, but I couldn't stand watching that reviewer for long enough to get to the part with JAR.
Yes I tried valiantly albeit unsuccessfully to avoid this movie when it was in the cinemas. And I eventually enjoyed it much more than I had expected. Some bits are memorable, after all these years.
OH great, now I have that song in my head. "I'm a dude, she's a dude, he's a dude, we're all dudes HEY!" :p
I barely made it to the parts with J. August. The review was god awful. The guy was way too angry and feeling like he was super intelligent for making fun of a movie that was supposed to be stupid.
Yeah that guy was violently not funny. J. was cute though! :-D
Good Burger is a surrealist masterpiece.
I love this movie so frakking much. How dare that awful man go on for 20 minutes about how horrible it is? It has Sinbad, Carmen Electra and Abe Vigoda. 90's masterpiece! Oh yes I own the DVD and oh yes I will be watching it soon.
Hehe. I was just looking through some of the Nostalgia Critic's stuff, remembered Good Burger from about 10 years ago, and was stunned to see JAR in it, so I thought I'd post it here. OK, I admit the review isn't THAT good, but that didn't stop me giggling like a loon at the subtitled Hitler parts (no, everyone who hasn't seen it, he hasn't done a new Downfall video).
I would listen to Kel say "bloopity-bloopity-bloopity" on repeat for the rest of my life before I would watch another one of that guy's reviews. I honestly didn't know it was possible for a person to be that bad at anything.
What's with all the Nostalgia Critic hate? Sure, this wasn't his best review ever, but I actually like That Guy With The Glasses.
And in case anybody missed it, he's playing a character. It's comedy, not a serious review.
Oh no, I got that he was playing a character. It wasn't funny. It was too much, too obvious, and annoying.
I think he's better as his homeless character. "CHAAAANGE?! You got some CHAAAANGE?!"
I thought some bits were funny (his anguish at the bloopity-bloopity thing), but overall he was really unappealing and unfunny. Also, after watching that review I really want to see the movie again. The review alone made me nostalgic.
GMO, the fact that it's supposed to be comedy is the very thing that makes this horrible.

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