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February 03 2009

Jane Espenson talks BSG, Caprica, Buffy and Dollhouse. "Even a small fame-flame keeps you warmer than none at all". Quote of the year?

"But when you see my episode of Dollhouse, I think you'll see that there's still some funny going on."

I wish she had been asked whether she would have any more involvement with Dollhouse now that's she's working on Caprica
I also want to know if she'd still be involved on DOLLHOUSE, but I highly doubt it. I'm happy for her though, she sounds really excited about CAPRICA.
Oops. Looks like I have to put off reading this until I've caught up with BSG.
Their 63 Reasons to Give Heroes One More Chance is also worth reading. Reason 17 is "More Seth Green cameos are looking highly likely, since only his character understands the show's storyline at this point."
You helped to co-create the new show Warehouse 13.

Huh? I haven't heard about this? Anyone got details? or a memo? or a post-it?

NVM - i heart Wikipedia

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I am excited Jane finally gets her own show to run, and it is amazing how fortunate she is - to work with both Joss Whedon and Ron Moore in rapid succession. I hope we still see more from her on Dollhouse, though. Hey, if Joss could run three shows at once...

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