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February 03 2009

(SPOILER) Four sneak peaks from Dollhouse 1x01 "Ghost". Spoiler TV has four videos from the pilot episode of Dollhouse - 2 are completely new, 1 is the old Ausiello clip and 1 was played during the End of Show Dollhouse radio show.

Haha, love the clip with Lubov and Paul. :-D

Also, I really like the music in the show.

And hooray for finally seeing Amy "live"... and that it also showed more of Enver and his character.
I was dubious about watching these, because I want to avoid actual spoilers, but they're actually not that spoilery, I don't think. Certainly didn't tell me much I didn't know from trailers and interviews and the like. Was nice to see Amy.

"...and your shoes." HA!
Hm. Maybe it's just my fixation on the Whedonverse, but are there some Faith "echoes" here? "Actions have consequences", "I was just trying to take my place in the world, like she always said". I don't know whether this is one of the completely new clips, so maybe it has been discussed before.
She does seem a little Faith-like in that first clip, but it's difficult to judge her character from such an unusual situation and with such cryptic talking.
Eliza portrays the hopelessness she feels very well with a touch of annoyance to her situation of making a deal with the devil (Adelle). I love how Olivia delivers that line at the end of that clip.

Man, I can't wait for the first episode!I am so curious to see the rest of the actors. I love Eliza, but I am seriously hyped to see more of Adelle and Sierra.
Squee! that makes me very excited. I found what they were doing to Dichen's character particularly creepy. (it also reminded me of scenes from Fifth Element).
Love the House of Horrors inside the House of How Much Is a Membership Here, the time warp, and pretty much everything Fran Kranz says and does.
Wow, the Lubov scene. How can people say this show isn't funny?! I'm so excited.
How can people say this show isn't funny?!

I've wondered the same thing, it might not be straight-up Xander funnies but almost everything I've seen makes me want to give of loud psychopathic laugh.
These are great.
I love the Lubov scene. Joke and suspense, both in one scene. And it really does seem like Enver Gjokaj is an amazing actor. Hope I am not wrong.

Eliza is very Faith-like in the first clip, but maybe her character in that scene is supposed to be Faith-like...who knows. (Omg, Echo is Faith wiped clean by some Wolfram & Hart-like organization, look out for a guest appearance by Sarah Michelle Gellar....just kidding. LOL)

I'm excited for the premiere.
I don't think she was Faith-like. It seems Caroline probably has some things in common with Faith, but that twitchy distressed-and-trying-to-act-cool thing Faith does so well isn't there at all.
these are awesome, i cant wait to watch the full episode when it airs =D
Yeah,, these clips just got me more psyched for the show, as if that was possible :)
From these clips, the show is funny, dark, exciting and intriguing. I think it's going to be just great. Eliza seems brilliant.
Sadly, I wasn't too fond of a lot of the stuff in the first three clips. Most of it had to do with Eliza Dushku. Echo really kind of annoyed me. I hope that changes when I see the full episode, as I really liked the glimpses we had at most of the other characters. The last clip was pretty cool. I'm still looking forward to it, though I'm a little more weary now.
Well, I certainly enjoyed that. The first episode might not be the best thing in television ever, but it certainly seems intriguing enough to hook people. It seems the acting's quite good, the show looks amazing and the music is top-of-the-line. Plus, we know that writing staff can deliver ;).

Yep, this is shaping up to be something I'll quite like in the long run :). Only side-note: Echo as an empty, child-like doll, is toeing the line between okay and annoying. But I'm sure that'll be quite fine once I see the clip in context.
Eliza's "blank slate" state comes across best in .
The One True b!X said:

Wary. ;)

A typo. It happens.
The scene with Adelle I wasn't crazy about. Mainly just the line, "Have you ever tried to clean a slate?" The rest of it was fine, not super remarkable, though. But the other three scenes (including the one we'd already scene) were spectacular. I loved Echo finding Sierra.

And I'm very curious about the timeline for this episode. Is it supposed to be, like, Echo's first engagements? Or is the Adelle scene a flashback, and then we see the present, after she's been on some jobs?

Either way, Sierra's the new kid, and I think that's neat.

ETA that the word is "seen."

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So right now I'm pretty much just thinking, "Hell to the yes."

Yeah, there were bits in the Adelle scene which were clunky, but I didn't have any of those problems with the others.

And I'm with Pointy. Frank Kranz is already awesome, and Topher could shape up to be my favorite character.
Tempting, but I think I'm going to wait this last week, to remain atleast a bit unspoiled when finally new Whedon TV will hit the air.
Wow, I didn't think Sierra would be the new kid. That's so cute how Echo is worried about her... well, as much as she can be. And how Echo explains to Topher that something fell on her. Very cute.

I wonder why Dr. Saunders is hiding around corners. She's definitely different than what I've seen Amy do in the past. Fred was outgoing and popular compared to this girl.

Love the interaction between Paul and Victor/Loeb.

This is funny in the sense that it makes my brain laugh. But the laughter doesn't reach my lips because I'm too enthralled in what else is going on.

The "... and your shoes" does make me laugh out loud though. :)
I could remember how to spell the alter-name. I was thinking "Loev", but that didn't look right. On a quick scan here, I couldn't find it. So I guessed.

What is it anyway?
Oh wow. This is looking to be amazing, and I have goosebumps after watching that scene where she finds Sierra...then Amy, gah! The music! It is just such a creepy, wonderfully dark atmosphere, and I know I will love being immersed in it.

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Awesome clips. I'm certainly excited. I agree about the Adelle scene though, about it having some clunk to it.

His name is Lubov, by the way.
I wonder why Dr. Saunders is hiding around corners.

I think she’s feeling insecure because of her scars.
"Something fell on me."

"I bet it was something great!"

I don't know why but that part makes me laugh.
Thanks Racoon Boy! I was close... sort of.

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