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February 03 2009

(SPOILER) Tahmoh Penikett talks about his Dollhouse character. Some good insight into what makes Agent Ballard tick.

I wonder how his character will "mesh" with the others. On the other Joss shows, the main characters interacted and knew each other pretty well and acted as a united front (mostly). I think this is the first time where we get an "outsider"- someone who isn't in on the game, who'd not part of the core (but still part of the main cast).

On Terminator, they had an outsider FBI agent and it took a while for him to incorporate himself into the mix of the main storyline.

I'm hoping Dollhouse is more successful in the "meshing" part than T:TSCC. maybe it's like Season 1 of BSG with Helo? But, even then, we knew that Helo was on the main BSG's side. It would be much different if we saw the main storyline of the "humans fleeing Caprica" and then cut to a Cylon's life on Caprica. But, that's just an example, and not what really happened.

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