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February 03 2009

SciFi is running a Tru Calling marathon today, from 8am to 4pm. It's on right now. Scheduled episodes are "Murder in the Morgue," "Reunion," "The Longest Day," "Valentine," "Drop Dead Gorgeous," "Daddy's Girl," "The Getaway," and "Two Pair." And how did I forget that Matthew Bomer (from Traveler) used to be on this show?

I never watched Tru. Not even once. It started airing right as I was getting into the BtVS dvds and I just never made the time.

Is it good? Worth getting the dvds? I figure this has to be the place for an unbiased opinion, right? ;)
I've never bothered to watch it, yet I can get the DVD for 8. The general consensus seems to be that it is good, and was turning into something great. Then it got cancelled.

Also, Wow... Sci-Fi have quite the line-up. :/ Sci-Fi UK, at least, are airing Angel daily and Firefly on the weekends. ;p
I'm jealous, Jayme. SciFi in the US hasn't shown Firefly in over 9 months! On-Topic, I finally watched Tru Calling today, and wasn't all that impressed. I'll keep watching today, in case my first impression is wrong. :)
Tru Calling, in my opinion, was alright. It started getting good around the halfway point, when Jack came into it. Before that it was merely decent. I thought it picked up considerably in the 2nd season though, which made me really wish it hadn't been canceled.
Is it good?

Started pretty bad but got better when arrived IMO (sort of like an evil goateed 'Quantum Leap' ;). Needless to say, this uptick in quality more or less perfectly correlates with the show being cancelled.

(least favourite things from early on: the flash-reminders after each act/advert break - believe it or not we were actually here for the previous part of the episode, we already saw those scenes - and Tru 'Track Star' Davies being seen to run. Absolutely everywhere. You know a gimmick's annoying when even watching Eliza Dushku run isn't enough of a consolation ;)

ETA: less visibility

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That answer works too, I suppose.

Simon's, I mean.

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Yeah, I'd also say it was okay, getting better, but not great. I did want to rewatch some of this though, but I forgot to set it to record. Oh well.
Agree with what others have said. I liked it just enough to keep watching it. Kept thinking it could've been really good if they added more arc & got rid of those incredibly annoying reminders of what we'd just seen.
While the shows themselves were ok, I remember really loving the way they wrapped up the story. Whoever wrote for that show really knew how to write an ending to a story.
Too bad the entire lead up was never as good as the ending.

Ah yes Saje, watching Eliza run during her more voluptuous days. Now that was entertainment. :)
Simon's, I mean.

Less is more. And the less Tru Calling the better.
I like Tru Calling, so yeah, I recommend you at least check it out.
Not forgetting some other Whedon-versers as well who crop up, such as Christina Hendricks in "Murder in the Morgue", Clare Kramer in "Drop Dead Gorgeous", and Annabelle the Potential (from "Bring On The Night") in "Two Pair".

Good lord I need to get out more.
Also Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie were involved in a few episodes.
I liked Tru Calling.

Season 1 took a few episodes to find its feet, but once they introduced Jack, they were onto something. I also love the way they show you the "what-ifs" & missed opportunities in life. How timing is precious, and even if you could go back in time, knowing what you know, you are not omniscient, and things will continue to change in unexpected ways. Which is quite beautiful, I think. I also love the message of the more you try to hold onto something, force it to do your liking, the more resistance you'll get.

Which is why introducing Jack was so important. For Tru, she only had her perspective and experience to go on, but just because she alters something she thinks is right, doesn't necessarily mean it is. As others have stated more eloquently than I, evil men do righteous things in their mind... or something to that effect. Jack was there to help remind us that there is a consequence for every decision, and while the "jumpers" have the privilege to go back in time and examine their (and others') decisions, it does not mean they have a right to change it.

Perhaps the problem (and beauty) of Jack was that he was presented as the antagonist. He was never meant to be the "good guy", so our actual good guy, Tru, wouldn't listen to his philosophy or even entertain the idea that what she was doing wasn't necessarily the "right thing to do". Because Tru was so influential and convicted to her mission, Jack started to view his own mission and examine whether or not he was doing the right thing. Unfortunately, if your antagonist starts to ponder what he is doing is "right" or "wrong", and there's no one else to take his place in providing a challenge to Tru, the series is lost.

BUT, their chemistry was beautiful. Light and Shadow, meeting in a vacuum, and both given the chance to critically examine the other. Plus, the family aspect of the show was growing strong. You start to realize that this is not a freak experience with these two people, but an intricate web of decisions and re-decisions that has brought them to this day. And that those past decision-makers are very much still in the game. Just as the ideas and tension has reached its boiling point, THEY CANCEL THE SHOW!

I really wish they had finished out the season. I think that would have been enough to wrap up their points of the series and really bring to closure to all the characters and mysteries.

I recommend watching it.
Korkster wins, I think.

I've gotta say, I really wish that they had gotten to finish season 2. I mean, for most of season 1, I wouldn't have cared as much if it had been canceled. I wouldn't have loved it, since I still thought there was a hefty amount of potential in the show, but I probably wouldn't have been too upset.

Season 2 really kicked the quality up though, and at that point I found myself really enjoying the show every week. At that point I already knew it was canceled, and that there were only 6 episodes in the 2nd season, but I was pretty upset at the end of that last episode. I think they could have made something great with another 16 episodes.
Yeah that's very nicely put korkster but I would say that this

Season 1 took a few episodes to find its feet, but once they introduced Jack, they were onto something.

is maybe a bit generous. Jack didn't come into it until episode fourteen - that's more than "a few" and a long time to have to give a show the benefit of the doubt. Fair enough though, even pre-Jack I agree it wasn't completely terrible, the one with the fireman was pretty decent for instance and there were others (i'm probably judging it more harshly just because that idea you mention of missed opportunities, the wistful element of time passing combined with the idea of a hero that can change fate is right up my alley, 'Tru Calling' just didn't quite deliver on the promise of its premise - try saying that 5 times drunk ;) - for me).

(and for 8 quid i'd consider picking it up, especially if the extras are any good)

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