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February 03 2009

Photoshoot with the Cast of Dollhouse. FOX has uploaded a video of a photoshoot with the entire cast of Dollhouse for your viewing pleasure.

Here's a direct link to the vid: linky link
"Everybody's been very beautiful," true that!
If Dollhouse gets canceled I blame Joss's continued failure to hire pretty actors.
When does the first episode air?
Feb 13th.

What cave have you been hiding in? ;)
It airs in the USA on Feb 13th on Fox but does anyone know when and where it will air in the UK? Or even if there are plans to broadcast it outside of the US?
I want Olivia Williams to say something. Anything. As long as she talks, happy.
Last time I heard no network in the UK has bought it, twinkle. Some other places outside the US have.
OK Sunfire, thanks for letting me know. I thought that was the case. Maybe the SciFi channel will buy it - I live in hope! I am having Whedon withdrawal symptoms - just have to go cold turkey, hehe!
Hm. Under Enver's name they had him labeled as "Lubov". I'm still not sure what all that confusion is about... But I can't wait to find out!
That's his character's name.
But isn't his name Victor? Ack, I clearly missed something...
And Paul Ballard was Paul Smith at one point, too.
Ah, yes, okay. I'm silly. I didn't realize they had just up and changed it, I thought perhaps there was more to it. Oh well. Thanks for clearing that up.
Not cold turkey! The best thing for a hang-over is to drink more! What you need is more Whedon goodness. :)

I thought that was lovely, but the place always gives me a choppy feed. Does anyone else have this problem?
Oh, cor blimey, Eliza is so gorgeously mature looking now. And i can't amke myself feel inappropriate over it; she's only 9 months younger than Mercedes and I'm okay with how if eel about her. But she is lovely; I guess I just need to get ready (even as afraid of work as I am) and move to a bigger room in the apartment where there's satellite.

I didn't see the Ackermistress, though! Or did I just fail to notice?
Amy has a recurring role, so she's probably not in the photoshoots so much.
If it hasn't been bought by any UK network, is it likely to end up on iTunes?

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