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February 03 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg confirms: "I get to be a nasty bitch (again)!" Straight from the actress' mouth - the answer to the Gossip Girl question.

In a brief video interview on MTV's moviesblog, Michelle Trachtenberg confirms that she will be returning to Gossip Girl as the villainous Georgina, and expresses her enjoyment of the gig.

Huh. No matter what I try, my tags are showing in backwards order. Oh well.

EDIT: Never mind, looks okay now. Thanks if someone fixed it!

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Georgina's back! Georgina's back! Georgina's back! I can hardly hold back my excitement!
I love Gossip Girl so much, and am unafraid to admit it.

Georgina Sparks was a great creation, and the way Blair took her down was even more awesome.
Nasty bitch is such an understatement. Sadistic psychopath is much closer to the mark. I'd venture Georgina is more "soulless" than either Cameron or Echo. I don't know whether I love to hate her or just hate her, but I am not likely to stop watching either way.

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