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February 03 2009

Alan Tudyk to appear at Farpointcon in Maryland, Feb 13th-15th. One of the oldest Fan-run Conventions is back again this year, at a new location. Internet Reservations are no longer available, but tickets can be purchased "on site".

Once strictly a Star Trek Convention, this has become a really good Sci-Fi Media convention. Among the guests will be several Sci-Fi writers, including Keith R. A. DeCandido, whose name I spelled correctly this year! :D

This was actually announced months ago. I've been looking forward to the convention. :-) Any other Whedonesquers going that may want to meet?
I actually live nearby (in, that's the name). I might have to check it out since it's soooo close! I'd be up for meeting AnotherFireflyfan.
I'm coming all the way from Indiana, and I know of at least 6 area BCs that will be there. The Baltimore Browncoats usually have a booth, and it's Alan Tudyk,(!) so I'm sure there will be plenty of us in attendance! :D

I may come to the con (probably Saturday), it's only a two-hour drive from my home. It's Alan, and it would be nice to see the gang again.

The only problem is that the schedule posted is from last year, so no help to see when I could come down.
I sent you my phone # in an e-mail. Give me a call the first day of the Con, and I'll read the schedule to you! :)

All I know for certain is that Alan will be at the banquet Friday night, and will have at least two stage appearances for Q&A, (Sat and Sunday, 1 each) plus an autograph session, one only each day, saturday and sunday.

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Hmm... so anyone for doing lunch on Saturday? There's a Ledos just down the street so we could all get pizza. (Or, if people are willing to splurge, there are the best ribs I've ever had at a place called the Corner Stable).
Hey, I ended up winning first prize from Alan for the best question! He was giving out prizes to his favorite questions at the end of the panel and he picked my question! I won a signed, unique photo of his from Dodgeball posed with a bunch of dummies used as a crowd.

I asked him to share some of his Firefly episode ideas that he had pitched to Joss Whedon. He said, "have you all heard these?"
The crowd chanted back "no"
So he told some very funny plots he had come up with, like Wash being allergic to a planet, or accidentally leaving the keys in the spaceship and needing a huge coathanger to get back in

He also said that he is NOT in Dollhouse, he was just on the set talking to Tim Minear, but he urged everyone to watch and support the show.

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