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February 03 2009

(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks about return of "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles". February 13th may mark the premiere of "Dollhouse", but it's also the return of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Summer Glau and producer Josh Friedman give some details on what's coming.

Glau talks about whether Cameron really loves John Connor (as she said in the season opener), what will be coming through the season finale, and whether she tires of playing strong women.

Hmmm. So I'm guessing there's no knock-down drag-out fight between Cameron and Weaver this season. That's okay. I'm completely mystified as to where this show is going and that's better than okay, I like being taken on a ride. Hopefully the ride stays on track and lasts long enough so we can see another Terminator/Dollhouse block this fall.
the rest of the season is more serialized

I like the sound of that.
I like the sound of it in the sense of that's what I prefer, not so keen in the sense of "we tried more stand-alones and the ratings still didn't go up so we might as well do what we like".

I got as far as Summer being "shocked" and then stopped reading (some folks put 'Spoilers' to be ultra-cautious, some do it cos it's really spoilery and that started to sound really spoilery) but i'm very glad Josh Friedman is wrapping the season in a way that could serve as a show finale - much as I might hope not, I think that's just being realistic at the moment and it also shows a respect for the viewers that he doesn't want to just leave us [cliff-]hanging. If things don't go so well for T:TSCC i'll definitely be looking at what he does next.
Summer being shocked was about as spoilery as they got.

I am glad to hear they are goin to try and wrap up most of the story in the finale though. If they don't get a renewal we will at least have a nice 2 season story arc.

While I enjoy this show, I honestly think the only reason it was not canceled was because it is a good promotional tool for the new Terminator movie.
Maybe we need a multi-colored spoiler alert (not to be confused with the multi-colored panic meter) so that we can distinguish mild, medium and red-hot spoilers at a glance. :)
"Cameron's deep love for John is because he is her whole reason for existing... I think that is love, and I think she would do anything for him, and in her reality, I think that's what love is for her."

I've always thought this. But it does become hard to remember that those are programmed feelings for creation and not human feelings. It could also parallel very well with being in awe of your creator, and having the chance to meet him, find out he has mistakes, and do your best to serve him, prove your worth, and help him. ... I'm not sure where I was going with that.

I do hope that this works out for T:TSCC. In retrospect, it seems as though it and Dollhouse were always meant to be paired up, and I hope they benefit from one another. I would like to see this become a standard expectation of Fridays. :)

I'm also glad there will be some closure for Season 2... not necessarily for the "safe" side but for the "you killed me with the cliffhanger on Season 1, please don't do that to me again with Season 2" side.

It's nice to see T:TSCC getting some media coverage now. After the *lack* of promotion for Dollhouse earlier in the year, it's been nothing but Dollhouse (which is great!) but I think Terminator got short-changed in that aspect (understood, though). They both deserve promotion, and I'm glad to finally see it.
It was interesting to see Summer's views about Cameron and John's relationship, though it does raise some questions.

What you mentioned, korkster, about her being programmed to love is in a way slightly squicky to to me. It probably says something about the issues John has that he would program a robot to love him, if that is indeed what he did. On the other hand, Cameron may not have been initially programmed to have these feelings, but instead developed them over time. If that is the case, it definitely says something about the potential of the AI's in T:tSCC. Machines with the ability to not only think but have true feelings opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.
This is why Cameron is such a great character. When she did that "I love you" scene, it was heart-wrenching and bone-chilling at the same time.
This was a great interview, and I can't wait for more Terminator. I honestly just started the show because of Summer, but it really grew on me, and I love it. I really hope it gets to continue, but at least it will get a ending... assuming that there are no sports or anything in Spring. I don't know and don't care, I just know that they tend to ruin all my TV shows.
I've always thought this. But it does become hard to remember that those are programmed feelings for creation and not human feelings.

For me that's part of the point, like 'Dexter', T:TSCC is asking to what extent are human feelings also "programmed", how "real" is love once you accept that it's chemicals and evolutionary strategies and replicating genes rather than something supernatural.

But personally I don't think Summer means love exactly as we think of it anyway, she says:

"Cameron's deep love for John is because he is her whole reason for existing... I think that is love, and I think she would do anything for him, and in her reality, I think that's what love is for her."

i.e. Cameron hasn't been programmed to love John but she has been programmed to put him at the very centre of her world, he is, basically, her everything and as I think she (roughly) also says actually in the show, he's her entire reason for existing (in a pretty real sense, he completes her ;). It's this idea that she would literally do anything for him and put him above everything else that she means when Summer says "that's what love is for her" (that's "for him" in the broad sense of "for his sake" BTW, not necessarily, as we've seen, "for him" in the sense of "anything he asks of her").

(and that's pretty close to love as we know it I think - one definition i've read that makes a lot of sense to me is the idea that you love someone when their happiness, comfort or even survival is more important to you than your own and that's certainly true of Cameron for John)

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