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February 04 2009

Total SciFi Interview with Eliza. Total SciFi's look at the much-anticipated Dushku/Whedon series. Some very interesting insights on Eliza's part about for what Dollhouse and the dolls might be a metaphor.

Interviewers should encourage her to talk more. She says more when she talks more. Cool 'view.
I cannot believe that pizza with cheese on it will ever catch on. Madness.

And yep, I like it when Eliza speaks words cos by and large, they're sensible words of smartness.
This is very good.
What a wonderful, positive interview! No discussion of "save the show!", no mention of the Friday night graveyard, no mention of rewrites: it's all upbeat and positive. And, yeah, Eliza Dushku sounded great. This is the kind of interview that can get the show watched. BTW, pizza with the Master? How great is that? "If it isn't on the page, it isn't on the stage...."
ďAre you hungry? Letís eat, I have a few questions about my career, whatís going on in your life, whatís going on in my life?Ē And then, God bless him, Joss just got up and went to the bathroom and when he came back, he sat down and said, ďItíll be called Dollhouse and itís a show about this. Itís a show about all the things we were talking about.Ē

Wow. The foundation of all that is good. :)

I have a hat in my trailer. Itís my producer hat and I put it on when Joss wants to talk about all things producorial (laughs).

I just think that's hilarious! And mirrors the show very well.
I cannot believe that pizza with cheese on it will ever catch on. Madness.

We eat some pretty strange things in the U.S., Saje. You might give it a try some time.
Gouda pizza? Gouda cheese is quite salty compared to mozarella, etc. It makes a bad cheese fondue and I can't imagine it on pizza. But could be great.

Or maybe the export Gouda is, um, flavoured down.

Also? Nice interview. She's a smart 'un
whedongeek, "Pizza with the Master? How great is that?" We're back under Sunnydale? Is it Gouda *blood* pizza? Sounds kind of unappetizing to me, but hey, if you go for that kind of thing, more power to you ... :)
Hey, I'm not jumping on the demonic hate sex bandwagon yet, Shapenew. Gouda blood pizza WOULD be salty, eh? And remember, it's all about power, right?
Or maybe the export Gouda is, um, flavoured down.

Based on my experience with other imported consumables, I'd consider this a strong possibility.
Just read about Gouda on Wikipedia finally; thank goodness, I'd been envisioning a gruyere pizza which makes me shudder a bit; this doesn't sound too bad.

And yes, the metaphors in Dollhouse seem to be more accessible to the general public than those of the Buffyverse or Firefly. Which is an up . . . . although I'm suddenly reminded that for years the only way to hear decent coutnry music on TV was Hee-Haw, or, more genre-relevant, the only imaginary-worlds-type show on the entworks was Fantasy Island. What I'm saying is, I hope this is mass-accessible but still Joss remaining Joss, y'know'ni'mean?
Iím working out with a trainer, a good friend. I think he makes real good womenís bodies. He doesnít go for Łber-skinny, but he doesnít go for really bulked up Ė he tailors everyoneís bodies to be strong and functional. He has it down to a science.

Scary how alienated from your own body you become as a TV/Film actress, isn't it? I can't imagine talking about getting my own body into shape in this "well--I gave it to the 'body-maker' guy, and he's doing some great work on it" way.

I guess it underscores the extent to which the Dollhouse is about being an actress (and, through that, about the condition of contemporary young-womanhood) as the interview suggests.
Oops -- doubled.

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Good point, snot -- I thought this portion of the interview was kinda creepy.

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