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August 22 2002

Buffy rated worst family show. Some 'Parents Group' ranked Buffy as the worst family-friendly show. I'm sure a lot of people can think of others with worse standing in the standard 8pm slot...

heh, looks like ScaryMike posted it before i did, in the comments of the previous section. He gets all the credit for this post :)
Groups like those are for parents who can't teach their kids the difference between right and wrong, and fantasy and reality. These shows are here for entertainment, not life training. In my opinion, Buffy makes girls feel like they can kick butt and take names...........yeah, what a terrible message!!! I bet if Wonder Woman was still on, they'd love that show, she was a wholesome super hero who never had sex or said bad words, or doubted herself, or made bad decisions.

Maybe if parents spent more time parenting and less time complaining, they wouldn't have as many problems. Or here's an idea............turn off the TV, and let the rest of us who know the difference between right and wrong & fantasy and reality, enjoy our shows in peace.
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I remember when someone-or-other voted The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. as the "most violent show on television." It was the only show my family watched together, and I was about 9 or 10. Just goes to show that those people aren't always spot on...

Of course, the show went off the air a couple months later, so I hope this is a bad example.
Who ever claimed Buffy was meant to be family entertainment? Sheesh! I'm not a family. It's just me and the dog. If Buffy was even remotely family entertainment I wouldn't tune in. So parents groups can beeyatch all they wanna. Makes no diff to me.
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why can't they differentiate between types of violence and sex? Have they ever watched Buffy? It's certainly easy to tell that the violence and sex, let alone anything other theme on BtVS, is there for a calculated reason and has meaning. Anyway, there arguments aren't against the supposedly non-family aspects of Buffy but the more general violence/sex=v.v.bad for everyone.

Just interested, is there anyone who does watch BtVS as a family? Like Stephanie Lehmann does with her daughter? I think it would be a great idea.
I think hiding sex & violence from children is evil. It should never happen to children but children should be made aware that it's out there. Trying to make the media "kidsafe" is what's unhealthy, because it doesn't educate kids and prepare them for the real world.

As for the use of sex & violence on Buffy, it's often close to cartoony. I mean we're dealing with a 'world' where vampires & demons are commonplace. It's an adult cartoon. In the real world, evil is often more subtle and insidious, like Pauly Shore & Carrot Top.

Kids should also be taught what's real on tv and what's fantasy, and Buffy would be an ideal venue for parents to open up dialogues with young people. So they develop a more healthy attitude and perspective about both reality and fantasy.
Surely if parents don't want their children to watch Buffy, there is the off button on the remote control and isn't the news the most violent programme on TV?
um, since when did BtVS become a "family" show?
probably the moment they put her in the 'Prime time' slot, also known as the "family hours" time slot... my guess is if they didn't consider that to be appropriate for 'families', they would've put it in the 'after-hours' time slot.

sounds to me whoever assigned Buffy her time slot has more sense than the oh-so-touchy Parents Group(s).

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my sister watches with my 6 year old nephew. every so often, i have both of my sisters and their kids over for dinner and Buffy.

it's an excellent family show.
I have no kids, but would let them watch Buffy if I did, and I know my parents would have let me watch it. I'm suspicious of people who try to "protect" their children like that, in the end it does more harm. I was reading the grown up section of our library by the age of 7 and it never did me any harm, on the contrary. Same with television. If I had questions, my mum would explain. Parents who keep their kids away from all the 'badness' are afraid to talk to their kids, if you ask me.
Showst Like Buffy, angel, charmed or anyshow with that stuff in it is just for fun. The chacters is what you care about and the dominic stuff draws you in........I watched horror movies sence I was proly still bolde feeding.......and I turned out fine.....ant the parent tv councle people should realize that who said that Buffy was for kids or famley is spificly catorgized under action/comdy/drama....not famley/comdy......they need to get a clue because it is just fake all of it the chacters, the town, the places, all of it.

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