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February 04 2009

Buffy and Serenity comic books win 2008 Diamond Gem Awards. Buffy #12 won "Licensed Comic Book of the Year" and the Serenity: Better Days TP won "Licensed Trade Paperback of the Year".

The funny part is that I don't think 8.12 is even in the top 5 of the issues in Season 8 so far. It's just the "hippest". Just in 2008, 8.11, 8.15, and 8.16 are all better.
This just reminds me, how far behind on the reading I am. Wonder if I'll be able to catch up.
Really nice to see "Better Days" pick up an award. Maybe this will speed up the process on
"The Shepherd's Tale". One can always hope...
Probably also worth noting that IDW (Angel: After the Fall) won the Publisher of the Year (Under 5% Market Share) award.
Yes, where is our "The Shepherd's Tale"? I almost forgot about that.

IDW also picked up an award.

It's always nice to see our comics/verses recognized.
Yes IDW has been on fire with their Angel, Transformers and GI Joe licenses. It's always good to get an industry award.
Issue 12 is memorable (to me) for that wonderful farce sequence with everybody coming in Buffy's room, but personally I'd choose either A Beautiful Sunset, the final issue of the Wolves arc or any issue of ToYL over it. In any case, it's great that S8 is getting props. Ditto for the Serenity comics.

Re: The Shepher's Tale. I think Scott Allie said in a recent Q&A that Dark Horse hasn't received the outline yet.

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