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February 04 2009

Juliet Landau Still Photos. Juliet Co-Directed and appears in Godhead's new video for the song "Hero" (coming soon). These photos show her with the band's lead singer Jason Miller.

Looks sort of Phantom of the Opera inspired.
She looks amazing.
It looks really cool. Interesting.
Unusual and cool (my favourite's the one where he's belting something out and Ms Landau appears to be sort of moshing in the background, the motion blur really adds something).
Wow! So dramatic! The world can always use more Juliet.
>>The world can always use more Juliet.

That is indeed a correct statement. But I would phrase it more as ...need.
I like Juliet but in these photos she looks like someone in a Stevie Nicks video circa 1983 and he looks like Fester!
You say Fester like its a bad thing. This confuses me.

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