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August 17 2003

Taking Back Television, One Disc at a Time. The New York Times praises Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon and Seth Green's commentary for "Wild at Heart".

Oh those lucky region 1 fans.

Today's NYT is brimming with DVD articles! (Chaplin, Jonze/Cunningham, etc.)
Another example: The venerable Joyce Millman, who's a prominent Buffyverse advocate, about a DVD-edition of the TV-series "Wiseguy".
"We shot these episodes three years ago, we all hate each other now. We've been using a digital Alyson [Hannigan] for the last two years, nobody knows about it, she lives in France, it's a thing."

*conspiratorial Jonathan impersonation*

I knew it! Since the fifth season Willow's been digitally perky!

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