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February 04 2009

(SPOILER) Olivia Williams Q&A. The Los Angeles Times' "Countdown to Dollhouse" continues with this amazing interview.

It's not that spoilery, but I put a warning just in case.

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There is no way to describe how this season ends. There isnít even a collection of words. Itís so surreal. Even if I wanted to tell you a spoiler, I donít even think I could explain it to you.

Whoah. Dude.
I think its kind of awesome that they spent the whole interview discussing the moral implications of the Dollhouse and how Adelle is essentially morally corrupt but does pro bono work, etc., and then they end with, "I think the people who are there to see [Eliza Dushku] in a bikini Ė- which is a great thing Ė- are going to find themselves with a moral dilemma that they might not expect."

Probably the biggest spoiler in there is the little tidbit about Adelle's backstory.
Iíve learned subsequently what a great, skillful, powerful producer and writer he is, but at the time I was just going off of this bizarre midnight phone conversation.

If everyday started (or ended) with this type of conversation.

Joss got me with the subtext.

Olivia, he gets us all with the subtext. :)

moral dilemma that they might not expect

Very intriguing, which, with the other threads from today, makes my head explode, put back together, just to explode again.

Wow. I with Pointy.

Very cool interview. I can't wait to see her character develop! I think she may end up being my favorite.
I third that dude. I just adore her.

So I spoke to him on the phone and suddenly, at the end of it, I had signed my family and I up for eight years in California.

We can only hope!
So say we all.

ďUm, honey? Iíve got something to tell you.Ē

Hee. Sounds like Joss after the pizza lunch.

I think I'm looking forward to Olivia the most. And the way she talked about set chemistry makes me think of Firefly, and I hope it'll show as much on screen.
I like that background. That could have interesting ramifications.

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Yeah, that bikini line is pretty interesting considering that the marketing is aimed straight at the "hot chicks with guns" crowd. Will the people who come just for the hotness want to stick with the show? If they do, will they notice the moral dilemma creeping up on them? Will they care?
I want to see all thirteen episodes right now!

ETA: Oh, I see a long discussion about the marketing campaign went on while I wasn't looking. Just call me "the late jcs" :).

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By the way, I didn't really know her before, and God, is she beautiful ! I would say she is up there in Whedonverse with Stephanie Romanov, and that means a lot. And she seems quite smart and sophisticated, which will be useful for her part.
*goes on his knees and prays to the Sky Bully* please let us get a second season!

These interviews are amazing - this one with Olivia and the one yesterday with Franz... they (the actors) are practically gushing about DOLLHOUSE.

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Oh my. What the hell is happening in these last episodes? I can't wait.

BTW, someone (just an I.P.) edited the unofficial wiki and added Jane Espenson, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon as writers for "Haunted" and Joss Whedon (story) and Jed and Maurissa (teleplay) for the season finale. No way to be sure, of course, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time someone from the writers room has edited that wiki, so maybe it's true.
Wait, hang on: when was it said that Maurissa and Jed were writing the script for episode 13 and Joss only writing the story? That's a bit disappointing if true. That means that there will only be one episode written and directed by Joss Whedon in season 1.

(And I suppose if I must stick to the topic, this interview is completely awesome especially the bit where she talks about the last episode. And her character doing pro bono work to make her feel better? Fantastic!)
As I said, there's no way to be sure. It could very well be misinformation.
I already loved Olivia Williams and after reading this interview I lovelovelove Olivia Williams :).
I recall Joss saying that he was in the process of writing a season finale not too long ago, but maybe he just meant breaking the story...

I hope he is writing it. I love J-Mo, but a Joss Whedon season finale has been a long time lacking in my life.
zeitgeist, let us float on the love you have gushed for Olivia. She is remarkable. :)
Re wiki: That same IP (which had also, apparently, added a lot of Maurissa-history info there before) has now added on the wiki that Maurissa has written the tenth episode "Haunted", and the season finale "Epitaph One". "Haunted" moving from 9 to 10 and the name of the season finale being the new info. If it's true. :)

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