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February 04 2009

Zack Whedon Co-Wrote This Week's Fringe. It's called "The Transformation."

Ha, I knew it from the opening scene, and am posting this 8 minutes into the program when the credits confirmed it was a Big Zack Attack! (Imagine Tony Head bringing charm and humor to the opening scene's central character, and feel the potential for humor.)

Really? I am glad then, because I absolutely loved the episode!!

I just didn't thought Zack had it in him because the other episode he wrote in Fringe was terrible.
Awesome! He's really showing his chops!
I noticed when I watched last night. Didn't know what to link to...forgot about Hulu :)
Liv was sexy and heartful instead of just pretty and blank, there was real sparkage between her and Josh Peter instead of just flirting, and at last the recognition that when manimals attack, it's not just scary, it's funny. And thump-Thump-THUMP the action built. Zack is back!

ETA grammar (some).

ETfurthA: Step right up and get yer Whedonfix, peeps, this ep = funny/scary/sexy/earnestly-thought-provoking-and-challenging/snortful

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It was my favorite Fringe episode so far. It gave us semi-closure (hopefully full closure) on John Scott and opened the door for Peter when she finishes grieving. For once I actually believed she could grieve.
Liv did show more emotion than she ever had before. I, however, am very tired of the whole let's just put her back into the tank (even though it should have killed her by now) to advance the plot. Hopefully that well has run dry.
I enjoyed it (though I learned not to watch while trying to eat my supper)

I thought the story arc was nicely developed. I had almost forgotten about John and Massive Dynamic so it was great to have that all brought to the forefront again. It was great to see some Olivia character development happening too. For this ep, I was also happy to see Astrid being more involved. I think her character has a lot of potential. And she's just cute as a button.
At first I groaned about Olivia going into the tank again. They're going to have to be careful to not wear that trick out.

I must be seeing something different from the above commenters. I don't see romantic sparks between Peter & Olivia. I noticed some between Peter and her sister!! (I was hoping for Astrid)
I enjoyed this one, although I have to say that if not for the fact they need him to deal with Walter, there's generally not a lot of need for Peter. Most of the time, it seems like they're inventing ways to get him into the story.
Oh, I haven't seen any sparks, except for Peter obviously caring about her and staring at her longingly, which is what Walter noticed too. I did see possible sparks between sister and Peter; I wonder how far they're going to develop that before they do something horrible to sister and force Peter to decide between the two.
I abandoned Fringe after a few episodes, but I'll watch this one for Zack. (And because of all these recommendations.)
O the way Peter insists on risking his life by coming along to help Liv, the suavely self-deprecating way he justifies this by saying that crooks like them are best dealt with by crooks like him, the unspoken face thing she does in response, and most of all, the spontaneous way he role-plays to save her life at the climax (theatrical deception being, as all Goldie Hawn/Steve Martin rom com fans know, the basis of lasting love) -- that sparkage.
I tried watching this episode... it was just as awful as the other episodes...
The tank Liv keeps going into wasn't the only tank in the episode. Any Left 4 Dead players here? The transformation in the first sequence definitely reminded me of the tanks in Left 4 Dead, especially when they found the corpse at the crash site.
it was just as awful as the other episodes...

I thought the guy on the plane turning into The Incredible Porcupine was the silliest thing I've seen in ages but the episode wasn't too bad apart from that.
I thought Sonic the Hedgehog, myself.
I have enjoyed the whole series and thought this one was one of the best and yes I saw the sparkage...and I love it.
I wish they had let the opening be more silly. Imagine what a Tony Head could have done with a quietly earnest reading of the line about needing to gather up all the strongest sedative drugs on the plane "and give them all to me." Or responding to the veiled threat of a stun gunning with a slightly dismissive "No, that will just piss me off." And a perfectly serious, all-our-lives-depend-on-it reading of "Whatever happens, you must not let me out of the bathroom." The writing was there, I think it just needed slightly wittier direction.

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