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February 04 2009

(SPOILER) Kelley Armstrong Talks Angel: Aftermath. The new Angel writer gives us some details and five colored pages.

Spoilers for "After the Fall" and a bit for "Aftermath."

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I'm curious about which characters don't survive, although a couple of names do come to mind. I guess it's pretty obvious who won't be up for more adventures, considering how badly they wanted to be left alone. The only thing I can't imagine is what could possibly happen to Illyria. I guess it'll all be revealed soon enough.
Well, this confirms that , as many people had been suspecting. Wonder what will be done with the missing characters. Rendered inactive? Spun off (and if so, by which writer)?

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I imagine NY Comic Con will give us answers to Spike's future.
So, no more Wesley I take it :-/ Not sure if I have interest now. I know that's horrible to say, but if it weren't for him I probably wouldn't have watched Angel. It's right that he's passed on though.
Looks interesting.....and yes I think it can be surmised that x,y+z (I dunno who to do inviso text lol) will not be coming back.....and I presume into their own spinoff?

It feels like everything is being pulled back into a season 1 feel - reduced cast,dark LA streets. Except this time...Angel aint not unknown.

You know what I mean:)
Several charactersseem to be absent from Aftermath.Maybe news will be coming Friday during the IDW panel at the NYCC.

So Kelly's arc is six issue it seems.Glad we got a first look at The Warrior Angel on that cover.

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"The stories get his approval".
The past non-canonical Buffy and Angel stories had Joss's "approval", too. That tells us nothing, especially since Kelley said on her forums that she hasn't been in direct contact with Joss at all.

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What is she doing withe the vampires? This is supposed to be the continuation of the show, not a new way to design vampires. It's still Angel, you gotta have the stakes. And I'm seriously missing some characters here.
Gotta say I'm bored with the sound of this already. Angel has always worked best as an ensemble show, and so to reduce it to just Connor and himself and a couple of OC's sounds pretty odd to me too especially when theres still so much more millage to be had by keeping them all together for bit longer.

I imagine that either Illyria and Spike have gone off on their own. Either to be 'rested' or stuck into their own spinoff.

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Chris the Bloody - those comments about vampires were talking about how they work in her own original novels, not her 'Angel' writing.
The art here is pretty great -- it's very atmospheric, very Angel, vampire broodingly walking down the streets of Los Angeles. Although I guess he has fewer chances to do that now that he's famous.

I hope this is a precursor to a Spike/Illyria title. It'll be nice to see him, finally, outside of both Buffy's and Angel's direct influence.
Ya not having Gunn is a pity....but we dont know what happens at the end of After the Fall (next week!:))......and as has been said tomorrow will bring us more announcements so we should have a better idea of what the future holds.

Looking at the art again I must say it is growing on me - the 2nd page in particular is great. The depiction of Angel in the last panel I am not too fond of....but I think his movements and looks are captured well in the rest.

I kinda like the idea of a pared down cast...for the moment:)...of course I want everyone to be together again, but it might be no harm to pare things back for a while.
I don't know if I'm going to bother with this, after all.
With pre-After The Fall comics, all the writers explicitly said that Joss's offices approve, but that Joss probably doesn't even read, as he's too busy.

But this seems to be different. Kelly has been pretty clear in saying that Joss Whedon approves the direction the story is going, and that what happens here "counts." I don't think she meant his offices.

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Sounds neat. I like the idea of a stripped-down cast of characters a la Season Eight. I'm not interested in debating whether or not this is canon until the book is published, but I like the look of the art and the attitude that she has for the direction of the story.
Pat, also, Joss has always been very upfront about saying when a thing *isn't* canon. Great "Buffy" review, btw.

I don't know if this should have it's own front page post, but the Rodriguez cover for "Angel: Aftermath" Issue #22 is out, uncolored. I have to provide the BuffyForums link, though, because I can't find a non-forum source for it. I can edit it when anyone finds it. The cover features one of the two new characters --
KA: I donít think Iím going to make anyone jealous on that front. The stories get his approval, but thatís it. Someday maybe, somedayÖ

The language of this doesn't really reassure. "Approval" is a very formal term that is used in this context for fulfilling obligations and it matches the language used for the licensed Buffy novels. Kelley makes it very clear that she's not working with him and as Enisy says above, she's also said that she's never been in contact with him person-to-person.

King, why would Joss shoot down a story before it's even released? Thinking it's not canon doesn't mean he wouldn't want it to do well. Cutting off his nose to spite his face much.

And I don't remember but when did Joss ever comment on all the released works as canon or not canon before they'd even been in circulation. All I'm remembering are quotes of him eventually saying all the licensed books aren't canon. Refresh my memory on where he went into specifics on what isn't canon. All I'm really remembering is that Joss will step out and say what is canon, thereby making all else the other.

And I'm just realizing that the taboo 'canon' topic has made me say too much.

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