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February 05 2009

Dollhouse: Dolls Gone Wild Paperdolls. The Echo Paper doll is now available.

Excellent!! I know what my six year old and I will be doing this weekend.
(That is, to say, I'll be making paper dolls and she'll be watching Hannah Montana).
I got all excited, because I thought I could dress up Tahmoh.

They remind me of those playmates lego-people Buffy figures that never interested me.
Very cute, but I want a Joss Whedon doll!
Meh, I was expecting traditional paper dolls. They would have been prettier and more fun to play with... Seems like they would have been easier to design, too - I wonder why they went with the boxy little fold up things instead?

I agree with redeem147, these remind me of those lego-esque Buffy dolls - they never did anything for me, either.
Two months ago. Unless the point is that Echo is available.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-02-05 19:16 ]
Are they seriously trying to go with a porn appeal? Dolls Gone Wild? Please.
I thought the images of dolls in the wild were amusing, but they need many, many more of them.

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