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February 05 2009

(SPOILER) The TV Addict reviews Episode 2 of Dollhouse. "'Target' is everything the DOLLHOUSE pilot should have been." (Spoilers not so much for Dollhouse, but other shows -- like BSG.)

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That's promising. Not so much for the pilot, but for the future of the show at least.
Frak. Just spoilered myself for BSG. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, balls.
Sorry, Caroline.

And I agree, snakebite...if people are interested enough by the pilot to stick around for week 2, it sounds like there's a good chance they'll be completely hooked. So thank you, Steven DeKnight.
Yeah, I also remember Joss singling this episode out for praise in a previous post. Sounds like it's going to be a nifty ep.
Not reading this because of BSG spoilers, but I'm glad to hear about the good review. (Though I'm feeling sorry for Caroline--unwanted spoilage sucks).
To prevent further accidental spoilage, here's the brief review (invisio-texted only for those who want to remain really really unspoiled for Dollhouse -- the actual spoilers are pretty minor. Certainly nothing like what Fran Kranz said.):

Is there anything you can tell me that will assuage my fears about DOLLHOUSE? WhedonEqualsLife

The TV Addict: Hows this for news you can use. Episode two, entitled "Target," is a huge step up from the somewhat of a downer series premiere. In fact, thanks to the perfect mix of "Target" is everything the DOLLHOUSE pilot should have been. So much so that Im quite frankly shocked that the proverbial powers that be at FOX didnt decide to launch the series with it.

I'm not reading BSG spoilers, not reading, NO, SIREE, NO! I'm not caving! Good news about Dollhouse :D
It's my own damn fault :-/ I read spoilers all the time, but have enjoyed the lack of them for BSG lately.
I hope you can still enjoy the next ep, because it has so much promise.
I want to watch Dollhouse already!!! aaaaaarg!

The second episode of "Dollhouse" sounds interesting and awesome!

Read the first line of the BSG paragraph and looked away so damn fast I almost popped a contact lens out.
Well, this is certainly good news. I'm excited :).

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