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"Are you saying I'm some sort of Viking?"
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February 05 2009

They found the Mayor. Fossils of a 40-foot, one-ton giant snake have been found in Colombia. Of course, we all know what that really was, donít we?

"Some 60 million years ago, well after the demise of the dinosaurs, a giant relative of today's boa constrictors, weighing more than a ton and measuring 42 feet long, hunted crocodiles in rain-washed tropical forests in northern South America, according to a new fossil discovery."

I love it. Thanks for the link.
That is so awesome.
Absolutely wonderful. :) Thanks for posting.
Fantastic find! Thanks.
things like this always scare me so much, because a 42 foot 1 ton snake is really the scariest thing I can imagine.
It is quite scary to know that something like that was was actually real, its quite cool too =D
here's a link to a video on this:

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I saw the article, and I *did not* think of this.

But yes, obviously that's what it is. Why didn't I think of that?
Does anyone know who made this discovery? I've got some business to take care of.
In the spirit of scientific skepticism, let me point out that they probably didn't find the Mayor. They could have found an actual Olvikan demon, or perhaps another completed Ascension ritual. (The article does not mention if the fossils were found near a volcano or not.)
So...Faith should have killed a herpetologist rather than a vulcanologist? I wonder what Andrew would have made of that...
So...Faith should have killed a herpetologist rather than a vulcanologist? I wonder what Andrew would have made of that...

Hahaha, oh my god, if it's the same place my mind just went...
Hmmnn, the most logical and peaceful of STDs.
An STD ? Shit, can you catch it from vulcanised tyres ? ... Ah, nevermind.

OK, proof, if it were still needed, that global warming is A Bad Thing™. Think I might turn the heating down a bit ...

(cool find, thin and still unmodblessed so possibly going but still a cool find - both to the finders and the poster I mean BTW ;)
Vulcanologists have always been able to help with Significant Tyre Damage.
An STD ? Shit, can you catch it from vulcanised tyres ?

Not as long as they're rubber.
I'm not particularly scared of snakes, but that thing is nightmarish. Anything (other than humans) that preys on crocodiles ? Yikes.

These kinds of discoveries are so cool. These and space discoveries. So much left to learn. This is the kind of thing I use to back me up when me and my boyfriend get into debates about the appeals of living longer/immortality. He'd be happy to live just 'til 50 and claims he wouldn't take the chance to live longer, if given it (crazyness IMO, that's not enough, and I've seen enough of my friends' fathers die early in the last couple years to attest to this). If it were up to me, I'd go on for...I don't even know how long. It's weird because we're both curious about the world around us, and it stumps me hugely because he's more well-read and is about to go to his third university for more studies and to earn his professorship or whatever you call the thing you get after your Master's Degree. I mean even besides hearing about discoveries of giant snakes and continuing to observe all the fucked up and wonderful things humans do (and occasionally participating, heh), there's so much to read, TV and films to watch, music to hear, video games to play, food to try, places to travel, etc. One regular human lifespan can't even allow for it all.

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One regular human lifespan can't even allow for it all.

No truer words.

I also can't understand not wanting immortality with a couple of caveats i) I wanna be me a few years back physically, ii) so long as the brain can handle so many experiences and iii) I don't wanna be literally unendable (i.e. i'd like a get-out clause so if I do just have enough I can finish things ;).

Other than that, jeez, look at what we've seen just living astride two centuries, imagine if you could do that for tens of them ? Imagine what you could learn, how many places you could explore (even, practicably over those time-spans, other planets). And 50 ?? Forget that shit ;).
Does anyone know who made this discovery? I've got some business to take care of.

Hee hee. And also: Big Snake!!! I love that this thread hasn't been deleted.

I'm guessing as your boyfriend gets older and 50 gets closer, he'll change his mind about that, Kris ;). (Unless he's 45 or something, in which case, hmmm). I'd love to be able to stick around and do everything and see WHAT HAPPENS and how it all ends. But maybe if I knew I had unlimited time I'd just spend even more of it goofing around on whedonesque and not getting anything done. Still, not a fan of the mortality thing, but I agree with Saje's caveats. Being decrepit or out of one's mind for eternity wouldn't be fun. And doesn't it suck that, as things stand, decrepitude is a best-case-scenario?

Oh well. Big snake!!!
Just make sure you have Yennifer Yopez with you as well as Jon Voight, and you should be ok.
I am such bad Fan. How did I not know this was one of the Mayor's relatives when I read the article this morning.
As for living hundreds of years? Only if health came with it.
Hmm. I'm not sure about the immortality gig.

On the one hand there is never enough time for everything I want to do and experience.
So... good.
As long as I am healthy.

On the other hand though, unless there was at least one other person to go through time with, I think I would end up feeling more alone in the crowd than I already do. One's experience/outlook/perspective in life would just be so far out of the norm...

In fact, that was one of the things I always wondered about with the Buffy-Angel thing. That was pushing the May/December romance kinda far. You've got to wonder about a guy over 200 years old who doesn't get bored with a 16 year old.
True... I hadn't really thought about how one would have relationships if one were immortal.

You've got to wonder about a guy over 200 years old who doesn't get bored with a 16 year old.

No kidding, right? But she was super cute ;).
Heh. I read this in the paper the other day and this was my immediate thought too
Another creature that was much bigger back when the earth's atmosphere was warmer and had more oxygen was spiders about the size of those things the mayor ate.

So we should just let the earth warm up a bit and then we can have giant snakes and spiders just like in Buffy.

Who said global warming was a bad thing! :)
I want my giant creatures!
I kinda only want the herbivore dinosaurs from Jurassic Park (and trilobytes, 'cause those things are neat and pleasingly aesthetically shaped/detailed). Giant snakes and spiders are only allowed to thrive if I am a well-trained, well-armed, well-armored supersoldier of the future.

Oh and I have thought over the loneliness angle and, ideally you'd have at least one other person to not grow old with (but what if you grow tired of them or something ? See: Hancock, most recent example I can think of), or better a large group, or everyone...but even if you didn't, I think you'd still find ways to deal. Constant therapy, for starters. No, no (and you'd probably be your own best therapist after a few centuries). Maybe the optimist in me is winning out at the moment, but I think you'd still see things in people that surprise and delight you every so often. Maybe the inevitable job/hobby for you would be something in the field of physics, biology, something involving inventions...might get a little disconnected from humanity, but I still don't think you'd ever get bored. Boredom only occurs when we let it, or in cases where we're so stuck in one situation (cash-strapped, slavery, etc) that it's difficult to escape it. Just in case though, agreed on the opt out possibility like Saje mentions. Although some kind of invulnerability would be nice to go along with the immortality, otherwise chance would likely catch up with you some time and a car crash could easily end you (unless you make it to the future where personal force fields exist. Hey man, it could happen, they've already gotten real close to viable invisibility cloaks/curtains).

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