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August 17 2003

Bid for David Boreanaz's Mercedes Benz. The successful bidder will also get to spend the day with him. Current bidding stands at US $78,000.

In the UK, August is regarded as the silly season for newspaper stories and it seems to be just the same for Buffyverse news. City of Angel seems to think it's true so you never know.

I emailed the seller yesterday and received what appears to be a genuine reply from David's personal assistant, who's managing the auction. She said that David was going to sell his car anyway, and that she thought it would be cool if one of his fans could buy it.

Not sure they're gonna get a successful bid this way, but I wish them the best of luck.
Never has the phrase "Would you buy a used car from this man?" seemed more appropriate :p.
Simon, you're killing me. :-)

BTW, anyone taken a look at the Buffy auctions lately? They're now selling Willow's dresser and the sideboard thingie from Buffy's dining room. Also, two versions of Buffy's grey sweatshirt from "Seeing Red," a clean one AND the bloodstained, bullet-riddled version. Yikes.
God help Fox if they ever decide to auction off Tara's top from 'Seeing Red'.
In the U.S., every month is silly newspaper story season, but then U.S. newspapers have always been silly.

Not sure if I'd buy props from the show even if I could afford it. That'd be kinda pointless, wouldn't it? Own a piece of the Summers household I mean it loses its glamour when dissected from the rest of the set, doesn't it? Costuming's not much better. Ooh! Alyson Hannigan actually said three lines of dialogue while wearing these pants. Ooh! I may be an obsessed fan of the series in some ways, but my pocketbook isn't one of them. Is that why the show isn't getting another spinoff? Cuz it attracts people with more brains than money? I can understand why networks would want to attract the opposite. Advertisers would prefer people with more money than brains. Might explain the majority of fluff on television.
wren, yeah, I've still been checking out, and was *this close* to posting a separate news item about the "Seeing Red" sweatshirt.

BTW I have a feeling that the Benz auction will have to be relisted (the highest bidder has only one positive feedback rating and he's from the UK?). It's certainly getting a lot of page views though! :)
I can see how having negative feedback would be problematic, but I don't think the bidder's nationality would make him/her less reliable.
According to, this car, based on the specs provided, should cost $70,500 from a dealer or $66,100 from a private party. And he wants the bidding to start at $78,000? Pfft.
Now, maybe if they were selling Angel's car...
Prolific, I'm just saying that the car is in Los Angeles, and if the bidder is indeed in the UK, the transportation costs would be rather high.

Checking the actual feedback rating, that highest bidder has four positive feedbacks, one neutral feedback, and three negative feedbacks. That doesn't bode well.

UPDATE: Looks like the seller cancelled that bidder's bid.
Oddjob: point taken.
Oddjob: the bidder retracted his bid.
UPDATE: The bloodstained sweatshirt sold for $1,475.00!

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