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February 05 2009

Know Your Joss Whedon: How 'Buffy' and 'Firefly' Forecast 'Dollhouse'. Zap2It brings us this piece which looks at Jossian traits and themes past to try and relate them Dollhouse and guess at what's to come.

Wait, so once again Joss' only relevant works are 'Buffy' and 'Firefly'? Didn't Joss do 'Angel' too, or have I been mistaken all this time?

At least the body of the article acknowledges that 'Angel' existed. Shame it never really makes the headline cut though.

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It actually talks about Angel, too, it just would've made the title even more enormous, methinks. Plus, Angel is kind of 'born of the Buffyverse' so I think its acceptable shorthand.
Not to nit-pick, but they really needed to drink a second cup of coffee before doing the "unique slang" examples from Buffy. "Five by five"????
Well, enough people had no idea what it meant and came here asking that I'm willing to let it go. Of course, there are much better examples that actually ARE unique :)
'Finn' ? I call stretchy Mcstretch. Also 'a big bad', hmm, if Joss came up with the idea of an antagonist why is he not the holder of all the money EVAR !? Call a lawyer Joss !

The majority of these aren't really Joss hallmarks, they're just not Hallmark hallmarks either (creepy scary imagery ? C'mon) but some fun reminders of days of yore I guess.

(and I hope they're right about no. 13 - the 'until it works' part I mean)
Yeah, most of these are staples of any good drama. Joss just did them very well.

And I thought the whole thing about the Alliance was not that they were "Evil" but just that they were a bureaucratic bloated government that thinks they're right and justified. And we never really got into Blue Sun at all, did we?
Meh. Really? Creative costuming?

I've said it before, and I'll keep beating this drum, the trope that Dollhouse best expresses from the Whedon-verse is that of a controlling person (usually a man) programming a beautiful woman to do his bidding. See, e.g. Warren and Mr. Universe and their bots. We might also throw in Willow's wiping of Tara's memory in Tabula Rasa.

The interesting thing, to me - and I hope to Joss, is the way that this parallels Joss's own role as writer/director of shows about beautiful women doing exciting things.
the trope that Dollhouse best expresses from the Whedon-verse is that of a controlling person (usually a man) programming a beautiful woman to do his bidding.

Yeah, although the gender question is a complex part of that mix--Alliance/River, Watcher's Council/Buffy (esp in "Helpless"), Moloch/Computer nerd, Moloch/Willow, Willow/Tara, First/Angel, First/Spike, Warren/Robot-love-slave. Suffice to say it's a subject he can't leave alone.
Thank you, snot monster! Yeah, the gender mix is always a crucial part of the question. I can't wait to see how Vertigo-y Dollhouse gets!
Someone didn't read After the Fall! You can't really say "everyone" died on Angel. Then who were all those people swinging swords, all wet and whatnot?

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