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February 05 2009

Steve Berg (Groupie #3) co-hosts the Geekscape video podcast. The talent on the rise joins Jonathan London to talk movies, video games and comics on episode #106. Dr. Horrible is also mentioned, of course.

WARNING: May contain language and possible spoilers for the movie, Doubt.

I certainly hope it contains language, otherwise it would just be a bunch of hemming and hawing (and maybe a few other sounds that we don't discuss in polite society).

Sorry, I suppose I could be more on-topic, but I haven't listened to the podcast yet. But I will... if... the... stupid... page... ever... loads...

EDIT TO ADD: got the page, but the dowload is even slower. Will check back in ten hours -ish.

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It got faster.

Twa's fun, but also frustrating, 'cause I thought they were going to discuss the weird number in Steve's Song in Commentary, but they didn't. I kept yelling WHAT ABOUT THE NUMBER? WHAT ABOUT THE NUMBER? NO!! NOT THAT NUMBER. THE OTHER NUMBER.

Oh well.

Also they talked about Dr Horrible and Commentary and never mentioned Felicia, which I think is just wrong. Like the last episode of Jossd where they did a whole huge thing on Angel and talked about almost every single character in the entire run of the show, including some pretty obscure ones, yet they totally left out Cordelia (least that's how it sounded to me - I might have zoned).

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