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February 05 2009

Update on Firefly Cruise 2009! Date, destination, and cruise line changes in the works.

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Chewy, whose blog is this that is linked?
I'm guessing the blog belongs to the Browncoat Cruise '07 organizers (Jeremy?). It's linked from I'm not affiliated with the upkeep of the site or planning of the cruise, hopefully an attendee though!
Hi, it's important to note that this is Firefly Cruise -- it shouldn't be called Browncoat Cruise. It's not the same thing. For example, I'm not involved.
A cruise organized for Browncoats can't be called a Browncoat cruise? I suppose on the business side they would need to make that distinction. I changed the link to reflect.
Chewy - Feel free to call it a Browncoat cruise if you like, because it will indeed be a cruise for Browncoats. The official name (for now) is Firefly Cruise 2009. Many of the same crew as Browncoat Cruise will be involved and the crew of Done The Impossible, including Brian, will be getting invitations as official guests, for a panel about Firefly fandom.
Whichever cruise this is, can at least one Firefly/Serenity-themed cruise be available in a month outside December? So many of us have either family commitments (even if we'd rather NOT spend a secular Christmas with Uncle Billy), holiday celebrations, or just plain heavier workloads at our jobs because it's the end of the year and everything has to get done. It is very inconvenient, and many Browncoats are unable to go because of this, even if they would be able to otherwise.
I completely understand your frustration (and my wife couldn't agree more). We looked seriously at other times of the year, and it always came down to the price. Cruising in December is considerably less expensive than any other time (probably for the very reasons you mention). With the economy being what it is, we need to keep the cost as low as possible so as many Browncoats as possible can make it. Sadly simply being in December prevents some from being able make it, and that's regrettable. Also, because Hollywood pretty much takes December off, our chances of getting VIPs goes up a bit in December. Though VIPs are not the emphasis of this cruise. In addition, there are a lot of other Fan centric conventions at other times of the year (Comic Con, Dragon-Con, Wonder Con, etc...), competing for the fan's time, but December is relatively free of those. In the end it just made the most sense, but I understand, trust me. I also helped out with the Veronica Mars cruise this last December, so I look forward to having a normal december in 2010!

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