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February 05 2009

(SPOILER) Crave Online Reviews Dollhouse eps 1-3. Some good, some bad. He does seem to go along with most of the other reviews have said about the pilot vs. later episodes.

Of the second episode, he says "Whatís cool is you think itís going one morally questionable way, and then it gets so outrageous you canít believe theyíre doing this on TV."

More comments on the lack of "pithy Joss Whedon banter".

And he wraps up with: "Itís easy to see why the perception is that the show is troubled. Itís doing a lot and any element could not work for someone, or not work together. Itís not perfect but would you rather have a safe run of the mill series that worked out all its kinks, or a show thatís going out on a limb to entertain you and maybe feeling its way around a little?"

The review does have me excited.

Weíll also have to see if the TV spots give this away before the episode airs.

Hmm... hopefully Fox promos will remember that there is something called "subtlety".

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